Top 10 Toys

Who remembers writing their list to Santa? We do! And we made sure we did our research properly first – pre internet this meant folding over pages of a book or screaming ‘I want that,’ when a TV ad came on (anyone else do that?).

Thankfully times have moved on a bit – although we still get a little sense of nostalgia when we see those TV ads.

And who better than to tell us about the best toys then kids themselves? Here’s what our little reviewers had to say about our top 10 toys!


“My mummy says that Paw Patrol is ‘so cool’ and so is this toy. I can put lots and lots of my other Paw Patrol cars in this big massive car. It makes cool noises from the cartoon too and has a lift to lift up the cars inside.”


“When I grow up I want to be baker. I help mummy cook in the real kitchen but my teddies and toys need toy food and I cook for them in my own special wooden kitchen. It didn’t take mummy long to fix.”


“This robot makes lots of jokes and funny sounds. And he also asks lots of questions with his quizzes. But I can also ask him anything I like too! He understands everything I say.”


“This doll’s house is so big and pink and cream and has butterflies on it. There are 3 floors and stairs – which the dollies have to be careful on. My favourite room is the bedroom.”


“This Frozen themed Ice Castle is great because it mixes the film with Lego. There’s Elsa and Anna mini-dolls, Olaf, a secret staircase and a sleigh, which can be used to make up cool stories. I love how they can ski down the ice hill or make frozen treats in the castle’s ice cream bar.”