Tween Room Makeover

Kate Sutton runs a lifestyle blog called Wit Wit Woo and we recently challenged her to makeover her tween’s bedroom using her own boys bedroom ideas with items from our Home Collection – not an easy task when they’re at this in-between age!

Having a tween – a child who is neither considered really young but is not yet a teenager – can be tricky business, not least when it comes to decorating their bedroom. We currently live in a rented house so we are limited to how much actual decoration we can do, so it’s important to make soft furnishings and accessories do all the work.

My son is 11 and currently has a pink carpet, pink curtains and pale pink walls in his room. Luckily, he is not averse to pink and has been raised to not see colours (or toys) as gender specific. Having said that, he is on the brink of being a teenager, so I think it’s important to make his room appear a little more grown-up.


(image created by blogger)

He has a room full of white furniture – partly because it’s important he has plenty of storage. He just seems to have so much stuff! I’ve chosen a colour scheme of white, grey and duck egg blue to co-ordinate.

The duvet cover, matching pillowcases and spare grey pillowcases are such great value for money, and yet they really make a bold statement. This geometric set only cost £12 and yet it has transformed his room – it’s even reversible, so we can get a lot more wear out of it. I’ve completed the look on his bed by choosing two small cushions that tie in with the theme and bring the whole look together.

bed makeover

(image created by blogger)

My son spends a lot of his time in/on his bed and so to make it extra comfortable, I’ve chosen a grey fleece throw which is absolutely huge. It has a cream woollen reversible side to it and would easily fit a king-size bed. I love it so much that I’ll be buying one for myself and my eldest son!

Now autumn is definitely upon us, I thought he might also like a faux-fur hot water bottle to keep him warm – although I think with all those cushions, duvet and throw, he’ll be OK!

As he is now at senior school, my son has a designated desk area so he can do his homework and he can now look at lovely duck egg blue curtains instead of the horrible pink ones! I’ve put a frame on his window sill and the plan is for him to choose a really nice family photo to put in it to add a nice personal touch.

before and after bedroom makeover

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And finally, the duck egg blue rug is the softest rug I’ve ever walked on so I know that when his friends come round to play, they won’t mind sitting on the floor now.

duck egg blue rug

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Overall, I am really impressed with how his bedroom has turned out and, most importantly, my son absolutely loves it!

overall before and after bedroom

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*Disclaimer – not all product shown is from George at Asda.