15 Ways To Wear A Scarf

The simple scarf is an accessory that will take you through three seasons of the year, adding style and warmth to all your outfits. At George we want to show you that there’s more than one way to wear a scarf – in fact, there are 15!

Why not try them all and choose your favourite from our super stylish scarf fashion ideas?

The Low Knot

Tying your scarf in a low knot is an easy ‘way to wear’ when you want your scarf to make a statement. Great for adding a fashion edge to your favourite jeans and basic tops – in seconds!

scarf style 1

The Classic Pull-Through

The classic pull-through scarf style is the perfect way to quickly add warmth under a coat or jacket. Layer up with one of our fabulous fur collar coats for an extra snug and stylish look.

scarf style 2

The Wrap-Around And Tie

This look keeps the scarf high on the neck for maximum cosiness. Try it with a smart biker-style jacket to add colour and pattern.

scarf style 3

The Shoulder Drape

Layering up doesn’t have to spoil the look of your evening outfits. The shoulder drape is an easy way to add an elegant extra layer to your favourite dress, without covering up in a coat or jacket.

scarf style 4

The Sleeved Jacket

When is a scarf not a scarf? When it’s transformed into a smart, sleeved jacket! Ditch the cardigan and create your own stylish cover-up to wear over your everyday vest tops or t-shirts.

scarf style 5

Belted At The Waist

Get fashionista points in an instant with the easy addition of a belt around your choice of scarf. A great way to add a completely new look to everything from simple dresses to your favourite jeans.

scarf style 6

The Double Knot

A variation on the low knot – but twice as nice! If you like to be different then this is the scarf style for you. The slim look of this scarf means it won’t look out of place over a blouse or shirt for work.

scarf style 7

Knotted Ends

This cute twist on a wrap-around keeps the ends of the scarf short, meaning it won’t overwhelm whatever else you’re wearing. Great if you want to keep your neck warm, but don’t want to cover up the top of your outfit.

scarf style 8

The Double Wrap-Around

The double wrap-around is great for wearing with style-statement coats. With trailing ends tucked out of the way, you can show off your new coat to the max.

scarf style 9

The Scarf-Tie

You remember how you tied your school tie, right? Well this is the new, much cooler version of that. Slightly smarter than a knot or a pull-through, this is a neat way to wear a scarf over workwear or evening outfits.

scarf style 10

Bandana Style

Bring out your inner cowgirl with the coolest way to wear your scarf – bandana style. Why not really run with the look and wear with a check shirt or denim shirt dress?

scarf stye 11

The Wrap-Around Loop Knot

Feeding the ends of your scarf through a loop at the neck gives a totally different look to the usual knot. Expect to have admirers asking you how you did it – whether you share the secret or not is up to you!

scarf style 12

The Double Wrap And Side Tie

Tying your scarf to the side adds a fun twist to a classic double wrap-around. Why not try this one with this season’s faux fur coat for double the fashion points?

scarf style 13

The Bow

The super-cute bow is the perfect way to add fun factor to your winter outfits. We love this over a trendy roll neck sweater and A-line skirt combo.

scarf style 14

The Over-Under

Wrapping your scarf around and then tucking the ends under leaves plenty of scarf on show, making it a cheap way to freshen up an old coat or cardigan, or to brighten up a classic coat with colour and pattern.

scarf style 15

Choose your favourite from the brilliant scarf selection at George and enjoy endless possibilities with our outfit ideas. Add colour, pattern and a quirky twist, while keeping warm and cosy at the same time. Who knew a simple scarf could be such a wardrobe superstar?