How To Style Your Home For Spring

It’s the season of rebirth, so go on, inject a new lease of life into your living space this spring. From being bold with bedding, styling with statement accessories and colour-coordinating your clutter, find all the inspiration you need to revamp your home over the long Easter weekend in our room-by-room guide.


 If you fancy mixing things up in the bedroom, make a statement by painting the walls (or even just one) a fresh blue or turquoise, both of which are cool, clean and relaxing. Other colours you could opt for are lemon yellow, which reflects natural sunlight and adds warmth to a room, or a leafy green, which evokes calm and serenity. If painting doesn’t sound appealing however, you can easily change up your sleeping quarters with a few new soft furnishings. A vibrant duvet set, throw or some striking cushions will instantly reinvigorate a room without you having to splash out on an entirely new decor.  

1. George spring home bedroom

Accessories-wise, white candles, pastel picture frames and quirky wall or mantel clocks, and a sleek table lamp will lift any drab-looking bedside table. And, if allergies permit, a vase of pretty flowers (try a bunch of daffodils from Asda for just a pound!) on the dresser or desk will literally add life to your bedroom. Remember, flowers and plants needn’t be confined to the kitchen or dining room. 

2. George spring home bedside table  

Living Room

Sure, a spring clean does involve a good clear out, but you don’t have to throw absolutely everything away. Being imaginative with your storage will obviously save you space, but being creative with the arrangement of items around the house can make your least-prized possessions look like a work of art. For example, why not frame the kids’ drawings, display pretty crockery, or colour co-ordinate books or glassware on shelves? 

3. George spring home double shelf

As far as soft furnishings go in this room, fold up and pack away any heavy blankets from winter and replace them with less bulky cream or pastel throws. Scattering some printed cushions (we’ve got a huge selection of animal, slogan and floral cushions on offer this season, FYI) will revamp a tired, time-worn sofa too. If light-reflecting neutrals sound a bit bland, don’t be afraid to experiment with a touch of neon. Zesty orange, zingy yellow and hot pink will instantly add pizzazz to your lounge – just remind guests to bring their sunglasses!

4. George spring home cushions  

Kitchen And Dining Room

 If you’re planning a big family feast over the Easter bank holiday, you’ll need the right equipment and utensils for the job. Stock up on new roasting dishes (like the pretty, colour-dipped ones below) trays and spatulas, so that cooking up a storm in the kitchen is as simple and straightforward as possible. Be sure to throw out any old, rusting trays in the spring clean.

5. George spring home kitchen utensils

In the dining room, a floral tablecloth, colourful placemats or printed crockery will create an inviting, delectable-looking table even before you’ve served the food. And as decorations go, at this time of year a handful of mini chocolate eggs (well, maybe a shed-load!) and a bunch of fresh flowers as a centerpiece will look as impressive as anything else. Hopefully friends and family will bring extra stems to add to the display too… 

6. George spring home dining room