4 Instagram Accounts to Follow for #Fitspiration

Let’s talk fitness, it can be a constant battle to stay motivated and keep to your plan. We’ve all had those days where there is no motivation and you just want to curl up into a ball and browse through social media. Well, you can turn your Instagram feed into a source of constant inspiration by following some top fitness accounts.

Life and Style are counting down some of our favourite Instagram users to follow for fitspiration. Check out these accounts for a steady stream of exercise encouragement.

The accounts will offer you the full package, fitness tips, workout goals and plenty of sweat and abs. These men and women will offer something to get you off your bum and into a brand new workout.


Strength Training: @fanny_josefine

If you’re looking to build your strength then Fanny Josefine is a must-follow for her mind-boggling workouts. She posts all manner of insane feats of strength and flexibility on Instagram on a weekly basis, watch them and your head will spin just imagining the power it requires to get them going.

Here she is undertaking ‘ring push ups’ which seem pretty difficult, but Fanny ups the level of difficulty by doing the exercise with tyres on her back. It was impressive enough before, she’s just showing off now.

Finally strong enough for ring push ups with tire, but I wonder when I can do it with two or three tires and no, you will not break your wrists if you try. They only get stronger #normalisboring I challenge @kaisafit and @justtrain1 to try this! Who do you want to see do it? #justmovechallenge -//—–//—-//——–//—–//—-//—- #areyounoccoenough #noccobcaa @noccobcaa #purepharma#tyngre #barstarzz#toughest #worldfullofathletes #sonynordic #shredded_academy @instagram #knoxxfitbrz #mhfit#queenofworkouts @gym_help @gym_videos #gym_videos #abgainer#anw9 #athleticstandard @athleticstandard #resorbsuperstars#girlsgonestrong #menshealthmag @menshealthmag #womencrushingitwednesday#sportbible @2xu_sverige @niketraining #super_athletes @super_athletes #befitvideos @befitvideos

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Fanny’s account offers a view of all sorts of insane challenges and obstacle course race training practices.

This obstacle course is so crazy fun I always want to be better, faster, stronger but sometimes you have to remember that’s not gonna happen over a night… some goals need more time than other. What’s your goal ? #tripextreme #dontfuckaboutit @tripextreme @mikesgymmarbella —–///—–///—–///—–///—–///—–///—–///– #super_athletes @super_athletes #workoutempire @workoutempire #areyounoccoenough #noccobcaa #purepharma#tyngre#outdoortraining #barstarzz#fitmotivation#toughest #fitgirlsguide #worldfullofathletes #nyhetsmorgon#sonynordic #toughviking #shredded_academy #movenourishbelieve#strongbecause#træning#menwithhealth #squatguide @instagram #knoxxfitbrz #makethemostofit#doitlikeyoumeanit#obstacletraining

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Check out Fanny Josefine’s Instagram


Michelle Heaton: @wonderwomanshel

Michelle Heaton, formerly of Liberty X has reinvented herself as a fitness guru and offers advice to her 123,000 Instagram followers. As a mother and active person she has several pieces of advice for busy mums who may need to fit exercise around a hectic schedule.


Michelle has a great range of workouts that she posts to social media regularly, often these are simple workouts that require little equipment. For instance, you can fill up your water bottle and use it as a weight.

Have a look at Michelle’s Instagram page


Curtis Williams: @curtiswilliams17

Former American Football player, Curtis William’s Instagram is designed to kick you into shape with his uniquely intense exercise programme. The workouts on show are high energy and challenging, they have been designed to increase your athleticism.

Visit Curtis Williams’ Instagram here


BJ Gaddour: @bjgaddour

BJ Gaddour’s Instagram provides inspiration, especially on those days that you just can’t face doing any kind of exercise. He shows that anyone can get into fantastic shape if they’re willing to work hard and make sacrifices.

Many of you may not realize this, but I’m really a FAT GUY faking it as a FIT GUY. No, I do NOT wake up like this. Ha. The picture on the left, taken when I was 17 years old, is what I would really look like if I didn’t put the effort in (and the negative sideburns are ON FLEEK). But I decided to make better choices, even though they require a lot of discipline and sacrifice. I choose to move every day. I choose not to drink (and never have had a drink in my life for personal reasons). I choose not to do drugs. I choose to prioritize sleep and recovery and eliminate unneeded stress in my life. I choose to eat well for my body type (most of the time ). And I chose a career that forced me to lead by example. After all, how can I ask the best of you if I don’t ask the best of myself? So trust me when I say that when it comes to your fitness, the choice is YOURS. #Fitness #Fitspo #Transformation #Motivation #Fitspiration #Choices #BJGaddour #MakeAChange # #

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As the Fitness Director of Men’s Health you would expect a high standard of workout and that’s exactly what you get. His posts usually involve a helpful breakdown of the routine, why it’s important and how to maximise its impact. These workouts come on a daily basis and are great if you’re looking to build muscle or burn fat.

BJ Gaddour’s Instagram can be found here

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