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4 Relaxing Ways to Enjoy Your Garden This Summer

Relaxing in your garden is one of life’s most simple pleasures; you can crank out tunes on the speaker, tend to the flower beds or simply lay back on the grass. Unwinding here brings you closer to nature as you can explore the fascinating ecosystem that exists just outside the backdoor.

Here are some of our favourite ways  to escape the hustle and bustle of life without even having to leave your home turf.

We’ve all had those times where you just need to escape the world, garden guru Alan Titchmarsh once said:

“We’re very good, we Brits, at weeding, planting and growing, but less adept at relaxing. But chill out we must and let me persuade you that there is a deal of productivity in lying back on a sun lounger. How else can you take stock?”

Here are four of our favourite ways to wind down this summer:


Enjoy the Fruits of Your Gardening

Many of us spend our weekends toiling away doing the gardening to get everything looking perfect, and there’s a lot to be said for taking stock of your hard work. Often we’ll spend all day in the garden tending to the flowers, but don’t stop long enough to smell them.

Investing in a quality garden furniture set is a must, because it gives you a place to chill out and let the world go by. Providing a great place to sit and admire the effort that has gone into creating the lovely surroundings.

Garden Furniture


Heat It Up

Why not add in an outdoor heating fixture? Bring cosy warmth to the long summer nights with a roaring fire, perfect for roasting marshmallows.

A fire pit allows you enjoy the fresh evening-time while sitting the garden, watching the skies change from blue to black, with a spectrum of colour changes in between. Wrap yourself in a cuddly blanket for a cosy experience that you might only get during a camping trip.



Fire Up the Barby

It goes without saying that any picturesque garden will host its fair share of BBQs; it would almost be criminal not to share the spoils of your toils with your friends and family. We’ve all had the urge to crack open that nice bottle of wine and enjoy the outdoors, but there’s nothing like doing so surrounded by good company.


Of course, there are many unwritten rules for hosting an awesome BBQ party, our favourite of these is to set up games to keep the kids entertained. Setting up outdoor games for them to play is a great way to encourage all the guests to stay outside even when the party is wrapping up.


Hammock Up

Hammocks are perfect for solitary days where you don’t feel like doing much besides hanging out. To complete the relaxing garden vibe, sling a hammock between a couple of trees, to create a space for relaxing and snoozing.

This comfy perch is the perfect place to get lost in a good book or admire the garden, while absorbing soothing garden sounds. You can get lost for hours inside the cosy confines and spend many lazy hours passing the time.


There’s plenty options when it comes to relaxing in your garden, And there’s no better place to escape the world and enjoy some much needed down-time.

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