5 Spellbinding Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

One of the most famous and fun Easter traditions is the Easter egg hunt, a game for the whole family, that involves searching for eggs hidden around the home or garden.

We love Easter because it’s the only time outside of Christmas where it’s encouraged to eat your bodyweight in sweets. Plus Creme Eggs are back on the shelves! Does life get any better?

If you’re looking for idea on how to spice up this year’s version of the hunt, then look no further. We have some great tips for sprucing up the activities for 2017.


rabbit footprint

1. Create Easter Bunny Footprints

Place Easter bunny footprints around your home to lead the little ones towards the eggs. It will create a sense of mystery and wonder for children
waking up, you certainly won’t have any trouble getting them out of bed!

Setting it up takes preparation, because it needs to be organised without the little ones noticing but it will be worth the effort.

Footprints can be created using a simple stencil and coloured paper. Or you could create a trail of small sweets that lead to even bigger sweets to save time!



 2. Colour-Code the Eggslego easter eggs

A twist on the classic hunt, if you are concerned about sibling rivalry. Each child could be assigned a different colour of egg that must be sought out. This can help stop arguments about who gets what, plus you can control the number of eggs that everyone gets through this method. This will help keep things fair.

It may encourage some surprising teamwork between the children, but you might not want to hold your breath for this to happen.



3. Lego Easter Egg Huntlego

Create a Lego themed hunt by getting some mini-figures to hide in some hollow plastic eggs. That way once all the pieces have been collected work can begin on constructing a new Lego friend that will be a nice reminder of Easter.

It will make a nice addition to the oodles of chocolate! Plus Lego makes anything better, just look at The Lego Batman Movie!




 4. Egg Activitiesscavenger hunt

A bit like charades, this will encourage everyone to get silly, it works really well for young children. Write instructions on the eggs that will encourage them to get active in the race, like “you must hop until you find the next prize” or “do a dance”.

Each newly discovered item will give them a new action to perform and a chance for everyone to have a laugh. Plus it will make the hunt take a bit longer and add some additional fun for everyone.



5. Scavenger Hunt

eggs in ice

Create a series of clues in the hunt-zone that lead the children to a final area with the biggest prize of all. If you are feeling creative you could get these clues to rhyme and lead to the big prize with colourful language.

People of all ages love scavenger hunts and making them is just as fun so this could be the option for taking the event to the next level.

Combining the two hunts will encourage teamwork, as all the members become a team in the hunt for the grand prize of the entire event.


Use these tips to create the best Easter egg hunt ever. Whether inside or outside the fun is all in the mystery and turning your usual place of living into a giant puzzle! Your only job now is to figure out the best places to hide stuff in your home!