Get set for a healthier you with our 5 top fitness tips

5 Top Tips
To Help You Get Fit

Say hello to the new, healthier you with our five top tips for getting fit!

1. Specialise Your Sportswear

Depending on your favourite type of exercise, you might need specialised sportswear to help you reach your potential. While individual items like crop tops can be used for different activities, many sports have their own specific wardrobe.

Whereas flexible trainers are a must for high impact exercises like HIIT and running, super-stretchy leggings and tops are a better choice for yoga and pilates.

The trick is to match your gym kit to your workout to ensure you stay comfy and supported while you sweat.

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This grey T-shirt is perfect for the gym and beyond

2. Work Out
With A friend

When it comes to early morning sessions, we could all do with some added motivation. One brilliant way to encourage you to get up and go is to work out with a friend.

Helping you plan (and stick to!) regular gym sessions, working out with a friend will also make the whole experience more enjoyable. After all, everyone knows that laughing is the best exercise to tone your abs!

You can even try new classes together in matching sportswear. What could be a better excuse to get sweating?

3. Get The Kids Involved

From netball and rounders to football, there are plenty of sports that are perfect for getting the whole family involved. Not only is exercising that bit more fun when you’re all in it together, but it’ll let your kids fall in love with a healthy lifestyle from an early age.

To make the most of the school summer holidays, try organising a family trip to the local pool. All you’ll need is swimwear for you and the kids, goggles and a nourishing snack for afterwards!

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4. Eat Right

Your diet can make a huge impact on how fit and healthy you feel. While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, aiming to eat a few more of your five a day is a great place to start.

A quick and easy tactic for getting extra nutrients is to start your morning with a superfood smoothie. Fantastic for giving you a pre-workout energy boost, just blend your favourite fruit and veg together with a hand blender. You can also add honey, oats and yoghurt to keep your recipes feeling fresh.

5. Always-Ready Athleisure

Half the fun of working out is getting to dress up in your comfy and cool sportswear, but there’s no need to save your joggers just for the gym. Thanks to the Athleisure trend, you can wear your gym kit wherever and whenever you want!

Simply mix and match hoodies, leggings and soft sports tops to achieve the ultimate sporty look without having to break a sweat.

Sport the comfy-casual look with a slouchy white tee and grey joggers

To keep your kids involved with sports when the new school term starts, take a look at our budget-friendly school sports section for girls and boys. Featuring shorts, tops, trainers and swimwear in a range of school colours, we have everything they need for P.E. fun and games.