6 Inspiring Ideas to Turn Your Shed Shame into a Unique Space

Whether you love an inspiring outdoor retreat or just need a mini-getaway home away from home, then you’ve come to the right place. We can help you create the ideal garden shed and turn it into a space with more purpose than just being a home for spiders.

With summer just around the corner it’s the right time to get some ideas flowing for using the space in a more creative manner. You might even find yourself becoming a sheddie overnight!

Put the spiders on notice, kick them out and reclaim your area in the name of humanity, because transforming a garden building into a purpose-driven zone could add value to the price of your home.

Of course, many of these projects won’t be cheap, but if you have the money to spend then it could be a worthy investment. Plus it will create a dedicated place for you to kick back and do what you love, we have some great examples to give you some #shedspiration:


1. Family Spacefamily photo

Making an extra area for your family to relax can provide plenty of opportunities to bond, as everyone can have input on what the new area needs. Create an inviting atmosphere with light, airy colours and comfortable seating. Complete the space by placing a coffee table and add a flower vase, books and ornaments for a personal touch. Sit back and enjoy a glass of wine in comfort and you’ll never be too far from home incase there is an emergency.

On a similar vein, an office desk would help create a space for productivity, ideal for children to get on with their homework. Getting away from the house to a different environment can sometimes be enough to awaken the brain and jump-start productivity. A universal family zone would be more likely to appeal to all members of clan as everyone can add their own personal niche to the shed.


2. Kid’s Space

kids shed

Letting the kids run free with the use of the shed can lead to all sorts of possibilities as they create their ideal play space. We teamed up with blogger, Emma from ‘Mummy…Mummy…MUM!’ last summer to transform one of our outdoor garden buildings into a kid’s playground, she said:

“I’m thrilled with the end result,” Emma says, “and even more so by how easy the whole process was. It’s transformed the look of our garden and really inspired us to spruce up the rest before summer really starts.”


3. Shed Gym

One of the most common uses for a shed is to create your own personal shed gym, a place to escape the world and get a sweat on. We love fitness motivation here at Life and Style and going through the effort to create your own personal workout space is bound to give you the spur to exercise more frequently.

Instead of long journeys and gym memberships, you are just a few metres away from a workout. Think about it in terms of cost effectiveness. Once you have the equipment set up you just need to make your way to the shed gym.

4. Shed Bar

An option that is naturally less popular with the little ones, is to create your own personal bar at the end of the garden. Shed dreams are made of these.

Shout out to my dad who built a genuine pub in his shed #shedpub #DIY #beer

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A shed pub is quite literally the polar opposite of having a gym at the bottom of the garden, but a lot more fun! It may be expensive to get all set up and running, when it’s complete you immediately have the ideal place to throw many parties. Your only problem will be getting guests to leave!

The perfect option for anyone who has dreamed about opening their own bar, but doesn’t want to deal with all the issues that come with owning a real pub such as rowdy customers and security. You can have your own bar and the only guest will be you and your friends. Ideal.

Next step is to create a witty name for this place, here are some quick suggestions:

  1. The Queen’s Shed
  2. Shed Over Heels
  3. Shedhead
  4. Shed Over Troubled Water
  5. The Brick Shedhouse
  6. The Gardener’s Arms
  7. Sheddie Pints
  8. Garden Bar
  9. Noel Shedmond’s
  10. Shed Lion


5. Meditation/Chill Out Zoneunique shed

Look after your mental wellness by creating a relaxing environment for you to escape the world. Choose to paint the walls in friendly, relaxing colours that will give you a sense of peace.

Meditation helps you step out of your stressful life and escape when negative emotions become too much and you need to mentally reset. Sometimes just entering an environment you associate with calm is enough to cheer you up.





6. Unique Sheds

For those who are feeling that their shed should express something more about their personality there are some unique options! For instance if you felt like driving to Stratford-Upon-Avon, inside the shed then look no further:

Or if you love Doctor Who then you can create your own permanent testament to your love.

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While the interior remains as faithful to show as you can possibly create in your back garden.

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It might take a lot of dedication and attention to detail but creating your own little shrine to a beloved popular culture  institution is a real labour of love that few might have the patience for. But when you manage to complete it you will have the satisfaction of bringing fantasy into reality.

Once your shed is sorted out, it’s time to get the garden furniture to match. Barbecue season is fast approaching after all!

We hope that these sheds have helped you to get the creative juices flowing so you can start working on your own shed glories. Share your #Shedspiration ideas with us on social media so that we can get in touch and feature you in future posts.


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