6 Signs Busy Mums Need Time-Out

The pressure of family life can take over your peace of mind, like having to make packed lunches for the kids, before feeding them breakfast and taking them to school. But then you remember you forgot to hang the clothes out to dry too! Anyone who is a mother will know that motherhood is one of the most difficult jobs.

But let’s face it, there is no such thing as finishing everything off on your ‘to-do’ list as it will only continue to grow with a million of different things, until you lose track and can’t keep up.

Ask yourself this, ‘when was the last time you took time out for yourself?’ If you’re struggling to find a time when you manage to steal some ‘me’ time, it’s time to take action.

Ahead of Mother’s Day Life & Style help you spot the signs that you are overworking yourself and how you can minimize the tension to feel less overwhelmed.


Sign 1: Morning Chaos breakfast

Getting everyone out the house in the morning can be difficult. You may have a crying child, one refusing to go to school or getting dressed and another one who won’t finish their breakfast.

In these cases, stress levels are high and tolerance levels are low when the children are not following the rules. By the time you dropped off the kids you may feel like you’ve been through hell and back.

To make sure you have a pleasant day, you lead the charge. Be the first to wake up and start early. It might be worthwhile to get the kids school kit out and prepare their lunch the night before. You’ll save yourself heaps of time and can get an extra 10 minutes to yourself in the morning.

Put a time on each task you need to do from getting them ready and getting them out the door. Plus anything can happen, you may need to go on a last-minute search for a lost shoe so be prepared!


Sign 2: Snapping At The Kids 


Have you been a little snappy lately? Maybe yelled at the kids to hurry up in the morning or came down like a ton of bricks when your husband asked ‘what’s for dinner dear?’

This is a clear sign that you are totally burnt out and need to retreat back to a quiet space immediately. Try and get a family member to take care of the kids for a few hours while you do some laps in a swimming pool or hit the gym to let off some steam. Exercise can help relieve mental stress as paying attention to your body distracts your thoughts from everyday worries.

It’s a great way to gain control of family and work life, get into shape as well escape from everyone when you feel like things are spinning out of control. Getting yourself a new gym wardrobe, swimwear and fresh towel sets will encourage you to stick to it.


Sign 3: You Can’t Remember The Last Time You Ate ice cream

The demands of motherhood means it’s easy to forget to eat three proper meals a day. Your focus might be on taking care of the kids and making sure they have eaten, rather than looking after yourself.

Your health and diet is just as important since parenting takes lots of energy, so you need to keep yours up. But if you can’t remember the last time you had something solid to eat, this is a sign you need a break and most importantly you need to eat!

If you’re a new mum and bringing up a baby your little one will eat every two to four hours, so make it a habit for you to eat then too. If you have mastered one-handed feed already, you can snack on fruits, sandwiches or yoghurt while you feeding your baby.


Sign 4: Yawning All The Time 

botanical bedding

Do you feel tired all the time? Does your body feel sore like you’ve just fallen down the stairs? You probably have a busy day ahead cooking, cleaning, folding 4 loads of clothes then prepping dinner. The list is endless as you’re mentally trying to stay five steps ahead so you don’t fall ten steps behind.

Give yourself a time to complete the cooking and all the house work then spend however long you want doing something you enjoy. Hang a ‘do not disturb’ sign on your bedroom door. Put on some relaxing meditation music, or if you rather have complete silence plant a beautiful picture in your mind of a soothing getaway place where you feel complete serenity.

You can freshen up your bed space by unwinding under botanical rainforest bedsheets that can help you inspire a quiet and refreshing place until you doze off to sleep.



Sign 5: Becoming Forgetful 

comfortable pillow

If you’re putting milk in the cupboard, hand towels in the fridge or serving baby food to your husband then you need a break. This is a sign you’re burnt out and running on fumes.

It’s a normal part of motherhood so don’t worry too much if you can’t cope with multitasking like before. What you need is a good night rest with no distractions.

When it comes to your bedtime routine, soak yourself in a bubble bath and light scented candles around you. The calming effect of a candlelight is a simple tool to help reduce stress and increase self-awareness.

Carry this mood into the bedroom till you lay your head down on your pillow. A bad pillow can result in a restless night and set you up badly for the day, so investing in quality pillows will ensure you get the most comfortable sleep at night.


Sign 6: No Helping Hand Aroundretail therapy

Staying on top of household chores, getting food on the kitchen table, raising the kids and maintaining sanity is hard. Imagine for one day you decided not to do any of what was required of you as a mum, everything will explode into chaos.

If your partner is busy and you find yourself juggling a zillion things at once, you need a break. You absolutely deserve to take an hour or two to switch off from being a mum. Whether it’s having an evening out with some friends, going to the movies or splurging on some retail therapy. It’s fine to ask for help from your partner, let him take the kids for the day while you enjoy some quality “me” time.


Mother’s bear the huge responsibility of being the centre of their children’s world and it’s understandable why you’ll want to make sure you do a great job. While you may find it hard to take breaks during the day, these signs will help you cool down, remember to stop, take a breather and look after yourself too.