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As summer fast approaches, our lucky George designers have packed their bikinis and jetted off to the sunshine capital of the world – Miami – to soak up some culture and get their creative juices flowing for our spring/summer collection ’17. From exploring the fabulous artwork of Wynwood Walls, visiting the Aventura Mall for a luxurious shopping trip, to heading towards South Beach to discover the buzzing sights and sounds of Ocean Drive, follow their journey as we reveal the inspiration behind some of their best-loved pieces for the new season…

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A giant canvas for some of the most famous graffiti artists in the world, the Wynwood Walls is a very exciting place to visit and was a must-see for our George designers. What stands out about the Wynwood Walls are the incredible designs, made up of bold shapes, geometric patterns and vibrant colours.

Back at home, our designers were excited to switch-up our new collection with tropical touches, brighter colours and a bolder wardrobe look.

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Follow us to Miami with our summer collection at

Miami is known for blue skies, sunshine and sandy beaches but one of the best parts of the designers trip was exploring the city.

When they weren’t chilling out on their sun loungers (lucky them!), they were sight-seeing and found inspiration around every corner, from walls and pavements to restaurants and coffee shops.

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Explore the sights and sounds of Miami with our brand new range at

A paradise of diners, fancy hotels and palm trees, South Beach was our George designers last spot to visit before packing their suitcases and heading home. Finishing their adventures with a trip to Ocean Drive, it was the sunny, retro feel of the ocean-front that really caught their attention.

Taking some of their inspiration from city and the coast, our stylish range has been designed with bright colours, cool stripes and lively prints, from tops and jeans to day dresses. Go on, take a sneak peek below…

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