Baby in Xmas pyjamas

Baby Must-Haves For The First Year

Shopping for your baby can be fun and stressful at the same time but there are things you will need around the home for the first year to make sure your baby is taken good care of.

Life & Style explores the main essentials you’ll need before your sweet little bundle arrives.

Baby Sleeping

Sleeping Gear

It’s good to have your baby’s room sorted before they come home. Most mums may prefer to have their baby sleep in the same room in a moses basket or in a separate nursery. Either way you’ll want your baby to have a good night sleep. The key is to choosing one that is suitable for new born babies with lots of soft padding surrounding the basket, a comfortable mattress and a blanket to tuck them in to.

As they get older you’ll want to replace the basket with a sturdy cot. You’ll need three to five baby bedding and a soft blanket to keep your little bundle warm and cosy. Blankets are practical for indoor and outdoor wear for chilly nights and cuddles. If you don’t want to use the same one as you do indoors; blankets come in a range of designs with hoods and little ears so they’ll look like a cute cuddly teddy bear for their first time out.

Baby Clothes

The first year is the fastest your baby will grow and you wouldn’t want to miss a single minute of it. In fact, it’s within the first six months your baby will grow about 12cm in length and roughly double in birth weight. This means you’ll need as many baby clothes as possible to get by those growing months.

For everyday wear, you’ll want your little sweetie in one piece bodysuits that’s perfect for sleeping and playing. Choose one that is soft, comfortable and durable that will enable them to move around with ease. For your baby girl you can find pretty butterfly or floral designed bodysuits or dresses; and why not slip your baby boy in a cheeky printed slogan top to compliment his cheeky smile.

Baby Dress

Look for the ones that snap down the front as it’s easier to change their diapers without having to take it off over their head. Have fun kitting out your little one’s first ever wardrobe.


Feeding EssentialsFeeding

A nursing or feeding pillow is designed to support your baby when you are bottle feeding. It’s a great alternative to keeping them in comfortable position than carrying them around that can strain your shoulders and neck. You’ll need to start with 4- ounce size then move to 8-ounce bottles when your baby begins to drink more.

When your baby is ready to eat solid food which is usually somewhere between 4 and 6 months, there are a few feeding supplies you will need. Baby bowls, rubber or plastic spoons as it’s easier on their gums and a sippy cup with a lid, so it’s easy for them to drink without it spilling when knocked over. Your little one will love tucking into their food when they’re seated in a high chair. Find one that includes adjustable heights, easy to clean surfaces, safety harness and comfortable seats for their little bottom.


We hope this will help you choose all of your baby essentials. If there is anything you think we could be missing, head over to George for a full selection from nursery furniture, travel essentials, bouncers and baby safety items.