Your Baby’s Very First… Birthday Party

Hooray! You’ve reached the first birthday, a year of parenting is a time for celebration. Time to throw a party, while the little one is the focus of the day, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun.

Some people question why people have a birthday party for someone who is very unlikely to remember the event. But it’s important to celebrate these moments and appreciate the sacrifices made to get to this stage.

Use it as an occasion to see friends and family, especially as you might not have been able to socialise as much as before. As it’s a low-key event you can probably host the party in your garden for an intimate, homely feeling. You can go a little bit over the top with the party planning, to create an event to remember.


Don’t worry about inviting loads of people, it might be best to keep things intimate and limit the guest lists to your VIPs. Close friends and family will be delighted to come along and join the celebrations. Too many unfamiliar people may also overwhelm the baby. You might be able to rope some of the guests in to help ease your childcare duties to give you a short break so can enjoy the fun.

The star of the show may not be aware of what’s going on and you could have a situation of dealing with an unhappy baby. So make sure that you plan for that. You can minimise this by tactically planning the party time. If possible, start the festivities just after naptime to make sure that they aren’t tired.

baby sleepingMake sure you take as many photographs as possible, these will be treasured memories when they’re all grown up. A great time to look back at their first ever birthday party, store these in a dedicated photo album for a set of photos that will immediately become treasured memories.

If you want to embrace a new trend you can stage a cake smash, an American trend that made its way to our shores. It involves leaving your one-year-old to attack a cake and capture the action with a camera… Usually with adorable results.

If you’d rather not waste food, you can go the traditional route and buy a cake for eating and serve it to your guests. This method also means that you don’t have to worry about cleaning up the mess and a very messy baby!

Everyone loves a boogie, especially kids so make sure you set up some tunes for the party. A little dance after everyone has eaten is sure to go down great, you can be extra prepared and set up a playlist beforehand so you don’t have to worry about people interrupting the tunes to put on their own stuff. You could even go old school and get the CDs out! Get ready to bust some shapes with the other guests and get ready to let your hair down.

Babies love balloons, so fill the party with brightly coloured ones to catch the eye and encourage playing. Get a bunch of children together with balloons and they will have fun for hours as they invent their own games. And what adult doesn’t love getting involved in games like keeping the balloon off the floor?

baby with balloon

We hope that your baby’s first birthday party is a success, it is a great occasion to gather your loved ones in celebration of your little bundle of joy. Now your only worries should be finding a party outfit for yourself and the little one. George has a great selection of outfits for baby boys and girls.