Woman wearing mauve lace lingerie set

Back To Basics:
Lingerie For Every Occasion

There’s one golden rule to remember when you’re on the lookout for new lingerie: comfort is key. While we’re all guilty of owning pretty but unwearable underwear, now’s the time to prioritise practical designs.

Luckily, at George, our lingerie collection means you don’t have to sacrifice style for support. From shapewear and strapless bras to nude bras, nursing bras and everyday briefs, we have lingerie that’s comfy, flattering and suited to every occasion. Check out our top underwear solutions below!

Bras for White T-Shirts

The dilemma of what bra to wear with a white T-shirt is a challenge many women dread. While bright colour schemes and patterns are an established no-go, it’s far less well known that a white T-shirt’s worst enemy is in fact white lingerie itself.

Woman wearing white T-shirt

Matching nude bra and short knickers set

To ensure your underwear stays hidden, nude bras are a much better option. More discreet than white styles and easier to keep looking fresh after a few months of wear, nude bras will be your go-to for all those stylish white outfits.

The same method also applies to knickers, so make sure you stock up on nude briefs to wear with white jeans and skirts!

Special Occasion Bras & Briefs

If you have a special occasion coming up, you’re going to want lingerie sets that will flatter your favourite party outfits. Since formalwear tends to feature figure-hugging designs and unusual strap combinations, finding the right underwear can feel like an impossible task.

Woman wearing a pink ribbed bodycon midi dress and pink heeled boots

Matching pink lace bra and knickers set

Luckily, all you need is a pair of shapewear briefs and a strapless bra to show off your party dresses with pride. Helping you achieve a smooth silhouette underneath even the clingiest of styles, shapewear is a practical underwear solution that’s sure to give you a boost of confidence.

Plus, with our strapless bras offering maximum support, you’ll be able to dance the night away in complete comfort.

Lingerie For
New Mums

Whether you’ve already welcomed your little one into the world or you’re still expecting, your body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy. Similar to updating your wardrobe with maternity clothing, you’ll also need to give your underwear drawer a refresh with maternity lingerie.

Image of pregnant woman wearing a burgundy floral dress

Black lace bralet with thick straps

One item that’s essential both during your pregnancy and after is a nursing bra. Helping you and your child enjoy a fuss-free feeding experience, nursing bras have wider straps and multiple hook-and-eye options for extra support.

As with all bras, make sure you get professionally fitted if you’re unsure of your size. Not only is a well-fitting bra important to your everyday comfort, but it will also encourage better posture.

The Very Best Briefs

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to finding your perfect pair of briefs. While cotton shorts might work best for one person, midis or Brazilians might be a better choice for others.

Discovering your ultimate underwear option may take a bit of time, but once you’ve settled on a style, the rest is easy. Simply stock up with our great-value multipack sets to stay comfy day after day.

A pack of four knickers in an assortment of colours and designs

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