Child's Bedroom

Bedroom Ideas for Your Little One

Decorating your child’s room can be really fun. But boys and girls can have wildly different ideas about what their perfect bedroom should look like. From fairytales to football stadiums to pirate ships, we’ve heard it all when it comes to bedroom themes.


Before kicking off, be sure to think about how your space can be best used; to ensure the new bedroom is somewhere your little one can wake up in a land of their dreams.

Painting the Walls



Girls room

Go for colours your child can grow with as they get older, but what colours do you choose for a boy and girl?

A recent poll found 46 per cent of parents would choose still blue for a boy’s room and 37 per cent would paint a girl’s room pink. Unfortunately, some stereotypes remain true.

If you don’t fancy going down this route you can opt for gender neutral colours like yellow or white.

Try asking your bambinos for their input, they will be the ones who grow up in this space. So if you really want to make their space a dream, paint the walls in their favourite colour.

Lucy Davies, editor of children’s lifestyle blog Bambino Goodies, advises:

‘Even if the rest of your home is decorated in a cool, neutral palette, children’s rooms offer the opportunity to go crazy with colour. A backdrop of white walls can look amazing if you introduce pops of colour through soft furnishings, lighting and wall stickers.’

Mix and match it with wallpaper or a pattern to add personality with a feature wall. This will break up the visuals to add personality and dimension to the room. Soften up any sharp colours with lighter shades when buying furniture.

If you really want to be adventurous, set your kid’s imagination free and create a storybook themed bedroom. Roll your sleeves up because your artistic skills are required here. Dab clouds with paint and a sponge to create fluffy clouds. Get the whole family involved to create a unique story that everyone’s involved in.

Lucy also says, ‘Children love a themed room. Popular topics with our readers are space, dinosaurs, rainbows, woodland, safari and bugs.’


Furniture Styles


Tia Day Bed

The bedroom is where your little one will spend hours of fun playing make believe, a good night sleep will set them off into a cosy dream world. Kid’s beds come in all shapes and sizes, so pick a style that they will love getting into and waking up from in the morning.

Lucy adds, ‘Children’s bedrooms are often the smallest rooms in the house. Maximise space with a mid-sleeper bed – you can create a den below or just use for additional storage.’

The Tia Day Bed will add a bit of sparkle to any bedroom, because it’s sturdy and offers great comfort. It can also be used as a window seat which can be decorated with pillows or as an extra bed for a sleepover. It’s a timeless piece of furniture that will grow with your kids as the room changes.

Kara of Chelsea Mamma also suggests another top tip, “keep the colour scheme neutral and jazz up with bright cushions / a throw and fairy lights.

For younger children who have a favourite TV character, wall stickers are the perfect way to add character and can be easily removed when their tastes change!”





Marvel kid's bed

Sprinkle some magic at bedtime as your children nod off in their favourite bed covers. Whatever they’re into, My Little Pony, Marvel heroes, space or butterflies, George have a great selection. There are simpler options like floral prints or just a simple pastel palette, which put beddings at the centrepiece of any bedroom.

You can personalise the bedroom by pairing it with matching fitted sheet and pillow and pretty curtains. Even if the room is plain, bedsheets are fantastic to brighten up her space with beautiful colours so your youngsters get a good night’s sleep.


Bedroom Accessories


Personalise your little star’s room with delightful accessories. Have a clear purpose of the space in mind and display it in a way which creates a medium for all their favourite things to do. Whether it’s reading, dancing or drawing, you can find ways to make the bedroom room special and unique to your child’s interests.

If you want to keep their room spacious and tidy, a storage box is the perfect solution for keeping the bedroom neat. It’s practical for all their toys and are available in various colours and styles. Unfortunately, we can’t promise it will magically make messy children neat, but it helps!

Add finishing touches with a clock. They are loads of colourful options, perfect for those who are learning to tell time and will brighten up any room.  A great clock will make learning all about the time fun for you and them.
Child's bedroom
George have all your bedroom needs covered, with furniture and accessories that will make any child’s bedroom feel like home. Check out our Home and Garden section for our range of products that will help transform the space.

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