Create The Best High Fashion Look For £50

Even though your bank statement may have more charges from George at ASDA than Giorgio Armani, it doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to suffer. A lot of millennials formed their spending habits during a recession (myself included), which means we are programmed to be a little thrifty and demand the best bang for our buck. The good news is that across the high street, as long as you know where to look, it’s possible to put together a fabulous and fashionable outfit for less than the price of your weekly railcard. Here are a few of my oh-so-sneaky tips, from which types of shoes make your outfit look more expensive, to how to upgrade your outerwear for just a few pounds. Read on!


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Care for your Clothes

No matter what your budget, a wrinkled blouse is never going to look good, so invest a little time into caring for your clothes. A steamer works wonders on silky items and makes your garments look brand new every time you wear them, while a ‘bobble-off’ (a little battery powered razor for your clothes) is a knitwear rescuer in the cooler months.

Adjust your Accessories

In my opinion, accessories are the first thing to give the game away when you’re trying to look stylish on a shoestring. It’s best to opt for simple accessories without too much detail or embellishment, keeping the style classic and without too much hardware. If you’re going to invest in one particular aspect of your #ootd (outfit of the day), then make it your accessories. I invest in one luxe accessory each season – last spring it was a marble effect bag, which adds a luxurious touch to my outfits.

Fabulous Fabrics

Tweed, Cotton and Linen almost always look expensive, even if they’re not. You can’t really go wrong with more natural looking fabrics and as long as you care for them, they should continue to look fabulous even after you’ve worn and washed them many times. Often, as with accessories, it’s the embellishment that gives the game away, so stay away from beading and too much detail.


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Focus On Fit

It’s incredible what you can get away with when the clothing just fits you perfectly, like a pair of flattering jeans. Don’t be tempted to fill your wardrobe with frugal finds that don’t fit – a bunched up hem or loose shoulders will instantly give the game away.

If In Doubt – Get It in Black

You’ve probably noticed from my #ootds that I don’t wear much black, but there’s no denying that it’s universally the most flattering shade. It’s incredible what you can get away with just by choosing a darker shade, even a poor fit can often be disguised in black.

Footwear Faux Pas

Inexpensive shoes will almost always look better in a faux suede finish than faux leather. In my opinion, it’s worth investing in your footwear but if your budget won’t stretch to more expensive shoes, then opt for faux suede for a more luxe effect.

BE the Designer

Just because your new jacket comes with cheapish looking plastic buttons doesn’t mean you can’t change them! I’ve got a little sewing box filled with luxe buttons which I’ve picked up from various sewing shops and markets, and any time I pick up a bargain jacket, I simply snip off the plastic buttons and replace them.



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In this post, my outfit (minus accessories) was less than £50. Yes, really! By choosing neutral tones from the same colour palette (plus quality fabrics) you’d never guess it. The lace detail on the T-shirt and stitched print of the jacket could easily be mistaken for designer details, while the fit of the jeans and on-trend colour make them a budget wardrobe essential. I mixed my frugal finds with my favourite accessories to add a luxe touch to my #ootd.

What are your style tips for a shoestring budget? 

Josie Fear

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