The ‘Busy Mum’ Wardrobe

There are basics every woman needs in her wardrobe. Especially with the busy months ahead such as Easter, school holidays and summer parties, it’s essential you’re comfortable when running around to get things done.

Life & Style help you incorporate a few trendy pieces for the new season to fit your busy lifestyle.


Leggings For Jeggings


A lot of mums seem to love them and hate them. They’re a quick and easy clothing to slip into when you’re on the clock but you end up looking the same in everything you wear when you’ve got them on.

The good news is there are other options that offer comfort and style. Women’s jeggings are a combination of the two, they look like casual jeans but stretchy and fit just like leggings. They come in a variety of colours like white, khaki, dark or washed denim which will brighten up your tired looking wardrobe.



Shirts and Frills  


When it comes to your top half a lot of mums will agree that they want something nice but not too nice in case it gets spilled on. Look for a material that can be cleaned easily so you can get more wear out of it, then figure out the style of the top.

Try and stay away from a plain t-shirt as you’ll be more inclined to slip into your leggings and look like you’ve just rolled out of bed without giving a care in the world.

Consider a frilled button shirt in that way you’ll slip into one of your smart jeggings instead of grabbing your everyday leggings. What you wear will have an impact on your mood so start your day off right in a lightweight and stylish outfit to really boost your confidence. Might as well drop the kids off and hit the groceries in style right!


Layer Your Look

Shirt dresses

Ok, you’re probably thinking why you’ll want to layer up as it’s not the most comfortable thing when you’re running around carrying your child on your hip.

For the winter it’s definitely a must to layer up in a t-shirt, cardigan, then an outer coat on top to stay warm. But now that summer is approaching you’ll want something light and flowy. For example a shirt dress has multifunctional use and is a perfect layering piece. You can throw it over a vest top, pop open the top buttons, or wear it as a swimming pool or beach attire for a care-free holiday look.


The No Styling Dress

maxi dresses

You can’t go wrong with a dress. It’s so easy, comfy and looks like you made an effort when you really haven’t. However, the aim is to appear like you have. As we’re moving into spring and summer, the dresses are in lightweight material to keep you cool. Choose a bohemian maxi style dress as it’s pretty and will look perfect with flats and sandals.


Run The Streets

ballet shoes

Who wants to chase kids in heels? We can agree it’s no walk in the park and you’re probably in pain by just imagining all the ways it can go wrong. For busy mums, ballet flats and trainers are the most suitable and comfortable footwear when you have a busy schedule. Just make sure you’re not wearing the ones you wear to the gym as that could really dampen a good outfit.


Glamorise With Accessories

This may not be the top of your list as the last thing you would want is your baby yanking out your earrings or pulling at your necklace.

There are other options to work with such as a light weight scarf in a pretty print or a summer hat as you head to an outdoor market for grocery shopping. Put on a stylish pair of sunnies too, this will give your overall outfit a chill factor.