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When To Buy Kids’ Summer School Uniform

It’s tempting to change your kids into summer uniform after the Easter holiday – but is it warm enough?

Don’t let the weather fool you, let Life & Style help you kit your kids out in style so they’re prepared whatever the weather.


Seasonal Dressing For School

When it comes to dressing for the right season your child will need a few more extra bits than usual and the summer is probably the most easiest way to get your kids dressed in the morning.

Many schools do differ in when children are allowed to wear summer uniform from the first half of the first term of the school year (September – October) and throughout the entire third term ( April – July).

The thing about summer uniform is that some parents may be conscious for how long the kids can actually get to wear them as it’s not always warm enough. But when your kids wake up in the morning and look outside the window and decide it’s a dress or shorts kind of day, you’ll want to be prepared. 

The kids are likely to spend more time playing outside so it’s important they have the right attire on to keep them cool from morning till the bell rings at the end of the day.

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Summer Uniform For Boys

When you think about boys school uniform especially their trousers being torn or scuffed by the knees in the playground, it means you will need more than one to replace and having to fork out a bit more money.

Luckily the summer weather is working in your favour and you won’t have to worry about replacing them too often. For boys, swap their long smart trousers for cargo shorts. You may want to get two pair of shorts to rotate throughout the week. They are perfect for the active lads and will help them look smart but stylish too in the playground. It’s also a lot easier to wash for busy parents.

When it starts to get warmer, short sleeved shirts or a polo shirt is a school essential and suitable both for summer and winter weather. They will keep your boys cool and comfortable and can be worn with a jumper for colder days to make sure they look smart.

School Uniform


Summer Uniform For Girls

For young girls, school pleated skirts are a classic essential for winter and summer. Since they are darker in colour they are likely to absorb the heat and make your little girl feel too hot. You can brighten up girls summer school wardrobe and opt in for a pretty gingham dress instead.

There are various colours to choose from like blue, green, purple and pink mixed with white giving your girl more options to choose one that she will feel comfortable to wear. Made in light fabric, you can’t go wrong with the gingham dress as it will make sure they look smart, stylish and cool during lessons and play time.

In case it’s looking a little windy outside, dress them in a cardigan in the morning which they can take off later in the day. It makes a pretty addition to go over her dress and is crafted in 100% cotton offering longevity throughout the summer season.

It’s also a good time to change her tights to short socks instead. But again, it’s down to the weather and longer socks can be pulled up to keep her warm on breezier days.

School Uniform

Before schools out for the summer, you can get the children to enjoy as much of the summer term in the right attire. At George, you can find a selection of great quality school uniform at affordable prices to make sure it gets it’s wear.