Buying Guide

How to Pick your Perfect Sofa

A sofa is a big investment for any household so it’s important that you find the one that suits you and your family. To help you, here’s all the things you’ll need to consider when you’re looking to find that perfect sofa. Just sit back, relax and browse our sofa buying guide.


Compact: Normally a two seater and will usually have a smaller frame and arms. Perfect for couples who like to get cosy, or for rooms with a bit less space.
Medium: Slightly bigger than a compact sofa. Will seat up to three adults.
Large: A great, large pick for big families and those who like entertaining. Can fit up to four adults.
Corner Sofas: Available in left and right hand versions, they’re great for stretching out on and perfect for creating a cosy corner in a large room.
Love Seats: These are extra-large seats, which let two people cuddle up together.
Armchairs: Perfect as an extra addition to a small space, or buy two and make a pair in a larger room.
Footstools: These are great for putting your feet up on (just take your shoes off first). They also make a great additional seat for when you have guests over. Some of our footstools come with storage space; a handy solution for tidying away newspapers and mags.
Sofabeds: These comfortable sofas can be easily converted into a guestbed.


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The shape, size and style of your sofas and armchairs will have a huge impact on what your room looks and feels like. Take a look at the size of your room – including the height of the ceiling – then think about what you want to put in there. For example, two small sofas will look different to one large sofa with an accent chair.

Getting the right sized sofa for your room

  • Check the width, height, and depth of the sofa you would like and create a flat form out of newspaper. Alternatively, mark out the area where you would like the furniture to go using masking tape.
  • When marking out where the sofa will go, remember to leave adequate space around it.
  • To make sure there aren’t any “It won’t fit through the door!” moments, measure where you’re going to bring the sofa in through, as well as any staircases or hallways it will have to fit through.



Fine Velvet: A luxurious versatile velvet for a refined touch. 100% polyester.
Soft Linear: A durable family friendly fabric that’s soft to the touch and has a contemporary feel. 100% polyester.
Plush Velour: A fabric classic, which embodies both elegant and durable properties. It’s also family friendly. 50% Polyester / 50% Viscose.
Chunky Chenille Weave: With the desirable qualities of linen yet durable and practical for a busy family household. 100% polyester.

Woven Herringbone Check: With the tactile qualities of herringbone yet featuring trend-led designs, it’s a perfect durable family friendly pick. 100% polyester.
Woven Herringbone Window Pane: With the tactile qualities of herringbone yet featuring trend-led designs, it’s a great durable family friendly pick. 100% polyester.
Jumbo Cord: A casual cosy family favourite fabric. 100% polyester.

Chunky Broad Weave: A sophisticated blend of yarns creating a durable and family friendly modern classic. 58% Polyester / 38% Acrylic / 4% Viscose.
Brushed cotton: A premium smooth weave with a contemporary finish. 100% Cotton.
Woollen Blend: A mix of style and substance; blended wool fabric embodying sophistication and warmth. 51% Wool / 49% Polyester.
Yarn Dye: A durable and family friendly essential for a busy home. 100% polyester.
Woven Herringbone Plain: A timeless classic with extra tactile appeal. 100% polyester.


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General Care

  • Avoid sitting on the arms or edges of cushions. This could cause them to distort and reduce the life expectancy of your upholstery.
  • Little pet claws, sharp toys and buckles can cause fabrics to snag, while constant exposure to direct sunlight may result in accelerated fading and wear.

Cushion care

  • Regularly turn reversible cushions and switch their positions to give balanced wear.
  • Regularly plump all fibre filled cushions to retain their comfort and appearance.

Cleaning care

  • Vacuum regularly or brush with a soft brush.
  • Accumulated dust could accelerate wear and dull colours.
  • Regular cleaning helps to prevent uneven wear and discolouration. Compare exposed and concealed areas to check whether this is occurring.
  • We recommend deep cleaning once a year using a professional service to help maintain your sofa’s appearance.

Spots and spills

  • Never leave any spills. Always treat immediately to prevent staining or chemical reaction with the fibre.
  • Soak up spillages immediately with an absorbent cloth or kitchen paper.
  • Treat with a dry foam or liquid upholstery shampoo or cleaner. Work from the outside in to prevent “ring marking”. Always check the suitability of the cleaning product before use and test on a concealed area first.
  • When spot cleaning using upholstery shampoo or cleaner, it is important to remove any residue from the fabric as this can leave a lighter patch on the surface. This can be done by rinsing/flushing with clean clear water. Excess moisture should then be removed by applying pressure with an absorbent towel or kitchen paper. Allow to dry fully before use.
  • After cleaning, brush the dry fabric with a soft brush to restore the pile and appearance.