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Kids’ Bedroom Furniture

Your child’s bedroom is a special corner of the house that’s all theirs – where they can play, learn, relax, and (most importantly) sleep! The key is to create a cosy and colourful space that you’ll both love – and they’re guaranteed the sweetest dreams with our bedroom furniture, from bunk beds to nifty storage solutions. Don’t believe us? Then just ask our mini experts…

Kids' Bedroom Furniture Checklist:

  • Bed
  • Mattress

  • Bedside table
  • Desk

  • Wardrobe
  • Chest of drawers

  • Extra storage units
  • To avoid trapping little fingers, choose your furniture wisely. Most of our range comes with soft close drawer runners and door hinges to avoid any accidents and tears at bedtime.
  • Our high-quality furniture is built to last and designed to take your little one through every stage. Most of our kids’ wardrobes come with 2 hanging rails and a multi-positional shelf that you can move around as your child – and their clothing collection – grows!
  • Kids’ needs change as they grow from tinies into school age and beyond, and our range is designed to grow as your little one does. Why not build on their original nursery by adding coordinating shelves, chests of drawers, and a bedside table?
  • Storage doesn’t have to be boring. Colourful character tidies, pretty desks, and bookcases will keep things fun – little ones won’t mind tidying up if they have a cool place to stash all their knick-knacks. When it’s all put away, there’s more room to play, after all!

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From tinies to teens, kids need sized different beds as they get bigger – we’ve got the perfect frames for every age and stage.


Too small for a single bed, but ready to move on from a cot? They’ll love hopping into a toddler bed. Specially designed for kids between 18 months and 4 years old, they’re the same size as a cotbed (140 x 70 cm) and super-easy for little legs to get in and out of. With a huge range of cool colours and zany designs, they’re made for sweet dreams.

A cotbed was the perfect choice for Elise. It gives her a bit of independence – she can safely get in and out herself – but it’s low down on the floor, so gives me peace of mind as well!

Elise’s (3) Mummy


At 3ft (190 x 90cm) all our single beds are the safest choice for your little one – and come complete with wooden slats for ultimate comfort and durability. From beautiful hearts to football prints, there’s the perfect bed for whatever they’re into. For kids four plus.

Leon loves his George bed – and so do I. It fits perfectly in his room and is so comfy and cosy, so he doesn’t get scared at night.

Leon’s (4) Mummy


Ideal for little explorers, mid & high sleeper beds (190 x 90cm) are elevated, allowing for a play den or extra storage space underneath. Great for kids age 6 plus, choose from wooden or metal designs, or coordinate with our colourful furniture range.

Top Tip: Our metal mid sleeper is a great value choice for growing kids. It can be easily converted into a single bed for little ones, and then back into an elevated bed as they get older to make more space for playtime! What’s more, the ladder can be used on either side to fit in the most awkwardly shaped bedrooms.

The mid sleeper gives Freddie lots of extra roomto play – he’s built a pirate’s den underneath! And if one day he wants a single bed, it can easily be changed back.

Freddie’s (6) Mummy


Maximise space with our bunk and triple bunk beds in metal and wooden designs – they’re sure to be a popular addition to any room. The top beds can be used by kids 6 plus, whilst bottom beds are great for those 4 and over, making them ideal for growing families.

Top Tip: All of our bunk beds can be turned into 2 single beds – perfect for siblings, sleepovers, and switching up the room as they get older (excludes triple bunk bed).

Ollie and Tom love sleeping in their cool bunk beds. It really maximises the space in their room so they’re not under each other’s feet as much, and seems to stop any squabbles!

Ollie (9) and Tom’s (11) Mummy


Buying any furniture is a big investment, so it’s crucial to get your measurements and proportions right. Get a perfect fit with our handy measuring guide.

  • Make sure the mattress you choose is the correct size for the bed. All our kids’ beds include mattress size information on our website and with the product, to make this simple.
  • To ensure that your new furniture is in proportion and looks its very best in their bedroom, measure the surface area of where you’d like each piece to go. Little ones will love having a say and helping to plan out their special place.
  • It’s a good idea to map out a rough floor plan with masking tape – remember to leave enough space around each piece of furniture.
  • Check the width, height, and depth of the furniture you would like to order and include this in your rough floor plan and against the ceiling height. Does it all fit easily?
  • With the exception of side tables and bedside tables, the rule of thumb is to allow at least 50cm of space between pieces of furniture.
  • Those in the know also suggest leaving a distance of at least 20-30cm between a tall piece of furniture and the ceiling to create a feeling of space in the room.
  • Finally, it’s got to fit through your front door! Make sure all your furniture can fit through your doors, stairs or hallways before you buy to avoid any disappointment. To ensure it does, check the boxed dimensions on each product page.