How to Choose Your Perfect Pram or Pushchair

Buying the right pram or pushchair is an important decision, the wrong choice could result in frustration every time you use it. You don’t want to get it wrong and be forced to buy a new one in the future!

Choosing the perfect model requires a bit of planning and ideally a test drive; so you can make sure that you are happy. The extra time that you put in to the research could really help you out in the future.

This Life and Style guide will look to help you choose the right transport for your needs. Before we begin we need to clear up a couple of definitions:

PramPram – typically for very young children, under 6 months who cannot sit up yet. They are placed inside something similar to a basket. The key difference between a pram and pushchair is that the basket faces towards who is pushing it, so they can keep an eye on their precious gem.

Pushchair – these transports are designed for children older than 6 months. Unlike prams, the child sits forward with their back towards the person pushing. They can sit in a reclined position and take in the world as it goes by.

Stroller – a more lightweight version of the pushchair which can be collapsed and folded away, again these are great for toddlers and older babies.

Buggy – A pram or a pushchair, depending on who you ask!

Some people compare buying baby transport to buying a car; with the time consuming planning and many pitfalls, you can see why. Things can be confusing with the different terminology and the extras that are upsold. Depending on your feelings about things like footmuffs and parasols you might opt not to get them.

If you buy any single accessory, make sure it’s the raincover. If you are planning on using the transport in Britain you are going to want the option of protection from the rain. As we know, British weather can suddenly turn a happy summer’s day into an Indian monsoon. You don’t want to get caught without a rain cover at any time in the year.


It is always a wise idea to test the pram or pushchair once you select which one you like the look of. Be onPram the lookout for:

Harness: Safety is of course the most important feature, how safe do you feel with your little one

Brakes: How easy are they to apply? Are they finger or foot brakes?

Folding: Do you find it easy to fold? Imagine you have to deal with a screaming child while completing the task. Folding should be as simple as possible, because conditions aren’t always going to be ideal.

Storage: How much room for shopping and baby essentials does the item give you? You might be out all day at the shops, the last thing you want is to run out storage.

Size: Will it fit in the car boot? Can you store it neatly at home?

Little Details: the small features can make a big difference so look for handy little extras like a child’s cup holder or a parent’s tray.

Steering: Needs to be easy to control, so you can weave in and out of the real-world obstacles presented in places like the supermarket.

These are a few of our tops tips for selecting the right pram or pushchair for your needs. Be sure to check out George’s selection; including a few which fulfil the needs of a pram and pushchair as your child grows. Make this decision carefully as you will be living with it for a long time.