Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorating Your Home: The Finishing Touches

Christmas Decorations

So you’ve bought the Christmas tree. Decked the halls. Now what? Like all creative things, it’s the small details that can make big differences with Christmas decorations.

This is the most fun bit, the heavy lifting and main decorating has been completed, allowing you to focus on the finishing touches. These are the small details in the room that will really complete the look for Christmas. Make the season special with advent calendars, candles and stockings to really build up to anticipation.

Advent Calendar

Like a lot of our Christmas traditions, advent calendars can be traced back to Germany, where the first little door advent calendar appeared in the early 1900s. Who doesn’t love the idea of counting down the days to Christmas with chocolate each day? This is a kid’s tradition that a lot of adults feel they will never outgrow.

TMNT Advent Calendar

Of course, the biggest problem with the advent calendar is stopping the kids or even yourself from the temptation of eating more than 1 part per day!

The whole family can have fun if everyone has their own calendar. December is the one month of the year where eating chocolate first thing in the morning is encouraged, make the most of it!

Display everyone’s calendar in the living room, to add to the festive feel of the room, as well as a handy reminder of the date. They add a simple joy to everyone’s day and are an
important detail in the Christmas decorating.

We have a great selection of classic chocolate-based advent calendars from our Groceries section; but if you fancy something a bit healthier and different look to George. Our advent calendars offer a unique way to count down to Christmas with something that will inspire their imaginations. With big names like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Lego, the fun comes in 24 instalments, as each day a new buildable part is revealed. The ultimate way for big kids and small to create their own fun.

Christmas CandlesChristmas Candles

Candles are always great for setting the mood and making things feel special; Christmas candles are no different. You can’t beat the festive glow of candlelight, which makes for a warm, welcoming scene whenever entering the room. Scatter a few of these around so they can be quickly lit to change the atmosphere of the room. Candles can act as the finishing touches to the decorations or be used to add a seasonal zest.

Things immediately change when a few candles are lit and transform the feeling of the room. Instead of watching the TV, it could be nice to gather around as a family and share stories and memories by candlelight for an unforgettable experience. Christmas is a time for family and this will only increase these feelings of unity.

The great thing about these candles is that they can be used after Christmas and offer a year-round appeal as a mood-setter. Unlike the Christmas tree which might attract funny looks if it was still around in March, there is never a bad time to light up a Christmas candle and bask in its warm glow.


Christmas Stockings

The tradition of leaving an empty Christmas stocking out on Christmas Eve for Santa to fill with little
presents is a big part of childhoods all over the world. Kids love the magic of waiting for Santa arrive in the middle of the night; to leave presents.

The excitement of hanging the stockings up will fill their little minds with curiosity as they wonder what little gifts Santa will leave them. Be sure to personalise each stocking with a little name tag to head off any potential fights over presents.Christmas Stocking

For children who have been nice and not naughty, the mystery of the stocking presents can build anticipation as much as the presents under the tree. Giving them a reason to wake up extra early on Christmas morning and gallop down the stairs.

Placing the Christmas stockings around your living room just makes things look festive and creates an inviting sight for guests. The decorations often doesn’t feel complete until the stockings are hung up. Traditionally they would be hung on the fireplace; but as these are a becoming a rarer sight, the mantelpiece is as good a place as any.

Give Santa a hand this festive season by stocking up on stocking fillers at George.


The details are the thing that makes all the difference to your Christmas decorating plans. Keep an eye on the George Christmas section for inspiration throughout November and December. It is never too early – or late to start planning how you want to make your surroundings festive. Don’t forget to dress yourself up in our collection of outfits including Christmas jumpers.