From Monopoly and LEGO to enchanting kids toys, bring the whole family together for some festive fun with Life & Style’s top Christmas games.

Christmas Games For The Whole Family

Whether you’re getting wrapped up for a winter walk or are settling down for a hearty meal, spending some quality time with your nearest and dearest is what Christmas is all about. Fantastic for bonding and the ultimate cold-weather activity, games are one of the best ways of bringing the family together for some seasonal merriment.

From favourites such as Monopoly and UNO to enchanting kids toys, our top Christmas games picks are just the thing for encouraging festive family fun.

Merry Monopoly

Providing hours of entertainment, Christmas isn’t complete without at least one game of Monopoly. While you might get drawn into a Monopoly marathon, kids and adults alike can have a great time choosing the best money-making tactics and working their way around the board.

For an exciting twist on the classic version, why not try our Monopoly Cheaters Edition? Encouraging you to bend the rules and release your inner cheat, the whole family can delight in scheming their way to the top.

Monopoly Cheaters Edition is a cheeky twist on the classic

Kids Toys To Cherish

From train tracks and playsets to character clothing and arts and crafts, George have plenty of kids toys that will help your child’s learning and development over the festive period.

Sylvanian Families come as a kangaroo trio, squirrel family and more

To inspire teamwork, why not try our selection of train tracks? Featuring themed versions such as the Thomas & Friends Super Station, you and your child can work together to build complex train tracks and engineer exciting journeys.

If your little one loves to pretend play, then our adorable Sylvanian Families are perfect. With different sets to choose from, including the cute kangaroo trio and the sweet squirrel family, your child can use their imagination to create endless adventures.

Build train tracks together and go on exciting journeys

Family Classics

When it comes to Christmas games and toys, you can’t go wrong with the classics. Whether that’s UNO, Trivial Pursuit or the hilarious Wobbly Worm, we have plenty of timeless games that you’ll be able to enjoy year after year.

For an amusing pick, why not try Operation? Not only will you and your little one bond over performing tricky surgical procedures on the poorly Cavity Sam, but any mistakes that sound off the buzzer will all be part of the fun.

UNO is a classic game the whole family will enjoy

Spread the magic this Christmas with our LEGO Harry Potter Brick Headz playset

Featuring mini-figures of character favourites such as Harry, Hermione and Severus Snape, our LEGO Quidditch Match set is an enchanting build that will genuinely make you feel like part of the wizarding world. From assembling the Gryffindor house tower to unpacking the Golden Snitch and preparing to play, this LEGO set is a charming pick for the Christmas period.

The Wizarding World Of LEGO

If you’re searching for a magical option to settle down with on a cold winter’s night, then look no further than our LEGO Harry Potter sets.

Jump on your broom and enter the LEGO Harry Potter Quidditch match!

Getting the whole family together to enjoy a games night is a lovely way of bonding over the festive period. To make sure your living room is warm and cosy while you play, why not browse our super-soft cushions and throws and decorative lighting?