Christmas Jumper

What Does Your Christmas Jumper Say About You?

In case you have just emerged from the rock you have been living under, you might have noticed Christmas jumpers are back in a big way. They are no longer the present you feel obligated to wear; because your aunt bought it for you and it would be rude not to wear it around the house.

Nerd-chic has turned this trend around and we look forward to the day that we can go to work dressed like a giant Christmas pudding. There is an important choice to make when deciding which jumper to wear; they say more about your personality than you might first think.

Take a look at our guide for what jumper to choose, and remember, a jumper is for life not just for Christmas.


Christmas jumper

Festive Pattern

Most likely to say: “I just want to fit in”

Safe, subtle and non-offensive. Going for a pattern is the way to go when you want to test the social waters. Plus, you can get away with wearing it into February, which makes it the economical choice.

Perhaps you’re new to the group and still aren’t sure how garish everyone else is going with their jumpers. Maybe you are more fashion conscious and would die at the thought of walking around dressed like a giant Santa Claus.

This is about as safe as you can go while still joining in the fun and letting people know you’re up for a laugh.



For advanced level you can be more obvious with your festive pattern. If you’re feeling a bit bold and you’re ready to up your game, this one could be for you.

festive pattern jumper


rudolph jumper


Cute Christmas Animals

Most likely to say: “I can’t wait to get home and watch The Snowman with my kids”

You obviously love adorable animals so much that you need a jumper that lets the world know. You are one of the bubbly and happy members of the group, because why else would you choose a jumper with a smiling animal?

These jumpers let people know that you are friendly and willing to strike up a conversation.

Just because you are an adult doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the cuter side of Christmas. Plus you can get a matching version for the children to really dial up the Christmas cuteness.




darth vader christmas jumper

Pop Culture References

Most likely to say: “The only thing I love more than Christmas is quoting my favourite movies”

The pop culture reference jumper is for people who love a chuckle and ruffling social feathers in the office. You are comfortable looking a bit silly and being the centre of attention. It is a great icebreaker and will encourage people to come up to you and discuss your jumper choice.

Be warned that people will be shouting quotes at you all day, so make sure that you brush up on your knowledge of the film before wearing the jumper. Otherwise you risk coming unstuck when people throw the obscure quotes at you. As if you need another excuse to watch it!





santa jumper

Over the Top Jumpers 

Most likely to say: “I want strangers to take pictures with me”

Go bold or go home. When you go out to buy a Christmas jumper you are ready to make the statement that you are the life of the party and want the world to join in. A sucker for attention, the only way you can attract more attention is getting a light up jumper.

If you’re ever at an event and you see someone wearing an outlandish Christmas jumper, make it your mission to talk to them and you will be rewarded with great company and hilarious anecdotes. Stick with these people for a good time.






Don’t forget to spare a thought for those less fortunate and support the work of Asda’s Tickled Pink campaign. Which gives amazing support to leading breast cancer charities Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Now.

You can take part by participating the various fundraising events going on in-store, and get involved in an initiative which has raised an amazing £50 million over 20 years.

Asda George have a great selection of Christmas jumpers to suit everyone on the scale. Remember that your choice of jumper says a lot about your personality so don’t rush. It is one of the most important decisions you will be making this season.


Wheres Wally Christmas Jumperlight up christmas tree jumper