Does Your Christmas Party Fit the Mould?

Suddenly it’s December again, where does the time go? We have arrived at the height of party season; with Christmas and New Year’s Eve alone you are sure to get your fair share of merriment. The office Christmas party throws something unexpected into the mix; as it involves socialising with colleagues, people you might not choose to hang out with.

Love them or hate them, we are usually socially obliged to attend the Christmas so might as well enjoy it. They are a mixed bag, you could spend the whole night stuck listening to Adam from finance talking about spreadsheets; or make a deep connection with Jane over your shared passion for lasagne.

Before the fun starts you have to answer the big question of the day.


Christmas Outfit

What should I wear to the Christmas Party?

Carefully select your partywear because it makes a statement about what you are like outside of the workplace. People might perceive you one way at work, but once the festivities are in full swing you can change people’s opinions with the right outfit.

For men it’s hard to go wrong with a well-fitting suit or a nice shirt and trousers combination. For ladies things are trickier. You can play things safe and go for a little black dress or maxi frock; these outfits can be worn again and accessorised for different occasions. A plain pair of shoes can be worn the complete the look and help dress your outfit up.

The Day of The Party

With big events like the Christmas party, sometimes the most fun comes from the anticipation. The day of the party is one of the best work days of the year. There is an almost audible buzz around the office, something in the air. You can practically taste the excitement.

Stories of parties from yesteryear are rehashed with even more exaggeration than last year’s version. Next year, the anecdote will have reached biblical proportions.

When 4 o’clock rolls around, the office’s tenuous grip on work has all but crumbled. Around this time someone breaks out smuggled alcohol as things begin to escalate.

The office party is unique, it usually attracts attendance from most of the office, including people you haven’t seen outside of work. Be careful when choosing the audience for your favourite dirty joke. The event is a great chance to get to know your colleagues better and strengthen relationships.

Some people take this more literally than others.


Office RomancesChristmas Outfit 2

Office parties are notorious for the love stories that stem from the romantic combination of strobe lighting and tequila. Will they or won’t they? Are they ever going to stop flirting and get together? Questions and rumours fly around the office all year around and reach fever pitch at the party.

All eyes are on them whenever they interact, fuelling another year’s worth of gossip and intrigue. The situation usually comes to a head in a moment of pure romance or a heart-breaking rejection; the echoes of which will slowly trickle through the office for the next few months.


Terrible Dancing

When a large group of people start drinking at a similar time they will usually reach a tipping point as one. You watch in shock as your once-respectable colleagues are transformed into rowdy mob of terrible singers and dancers.

Regardless of where the Christmas party begins, all roads lead to the dancefloor. Suddenly the room is filled with Michael Jackson and Queen tributes acts as the partygoers shake their hips and warble out the classics. Shapes are busted to various degrees of success, phones come out and incriminating videos capture the madness.


Ending the Night

While no one starts the night with the intention of being the drunkest person in the room, these things happen and could spell disaster for your reputation. Be careful with the drink you don’t want to tell your boss what you really think of them.

The best way to avoid a hangover is to drink less, if you do decide to drink, do yourself a favour in the morning by:

– Eating before you head out – preferably something with carbohydrates

– Alternate alcoholic drinks with water or non-alcoholic beverages

– Drink more slowly

– Drink a pint of water before you go to sleep

Christmas Outfits


When the music stops, the more responsible members of the group start heading for the taxi ranks. Meanwhile, those who fancy themselves as the hardcore members of the rabble plough on to the next venue, determined to keep the night going until work starts the next day. They proudly boast of their extra-curricular activities, but you know going home was the right choice.

Remember to drink responsibly at all times and head over to Drink Aware for more information.


 The Next Day

The next day is a good excuse to come to work in your most comfortable clothes, as everyone battles the collective hangover. Throw on some knitwear in the morning to ensure that you have at least one small comfort for the day of work ahead.

Typically, work is a write-off as the after-effects of the party halt productivity. Why do they always have these things on a weeknight, again? Everyone is the in the same boat, watching the clock until home time, where a very early night awaits.


Whatever your experience of Christmas parties George have a great selection of partywear that will see you through the season in comfort and style. Ladies look fabulous in our range of party dresses and men can dress up to the nines in our Tailor & Cutter range of formalwear.