Coffee Tables: Statement Piece or Practical?

Coffee tables are great features that add character to your living room. It can be very useful for your books, magazines and to place your mugs and plates when eating in front of the telly. As practical as they are, could it be the missing piece to any living room puzzle, or do you really need to complete your home décor? Life & Style look at the different ways coffee tables are used around the home.

Firstly, you’ll have to examine the space and find one that will fit perfectly to complete your living room design. You’ll also have to bear in mind when you’re placing yours close to the sofa, the end from your table to the sofa should be 18inches. This should be close enough to reach for your glass and offer enough space to stretch out your legs.


A Living Room Statement

statement table tops

When you have a coffee table that is a work of art then let the table tops shine. Sometimes minimal says more than having to deck it out with vases, decorative boxes or books.

If you’re working with a coffee table that still looks great but it may not be the centrepiece of your living room, you can certainly add flair by placing an art piece that will pull the space together warmly. Add dimension with different sized ornaments, candles and glass vase that will add character and complement the rest of your furniture.


Study Room Tables

for your study


Having a stylish workspace is always a great way to kick start your creativity. There are many ways you can do this by choosing the right colour for the room and what kind table accessories you will decorate it with.

Sometimes a standard office desk can ruin a good space, so if you want to keep it simple and have one that offers comfort and practicality, a coffee table is a good solution. Choose a Japanese style that is low, stylish and means you can make the most of your space by sitting on the floor. Fluff it up with cushions and soft throws for extra comfort. Floor laptop desks have a Zen like vibe which is perfect for sitting cross legged and sipping on herbal tea. Depending on the time of day, this can also work wonders for your productivity by giving yourself a change of scenery.


For Your Personal Belongings

side table

Imagine this scenario, you unlock your front door walk in and shut the door behind you. What’s the first thing you do? Kick off your shoes and drop your keys on the side table right? The fancy name for this is called a console table. What’s nice about this is that it’s crafted in such a way which is both beautiful and practical that will fit perfectly in any corner of your living room or against the wall in your hallway. You can display it with fresh flowers, your favourite picture in a photo frame or use it as your mail table.


Dinner Party Savers

contemporary & practical

A dinner party always requires a table to put glasses, bottles and bowls of snacks on a flat surface to avoid mishaps. Your dining table is already full with guests hovering around the food but how about the ones on the sofa who are holding their glasses of one too many? Nest tables disguised as one can be pulled out for emergency use into smaller tables and be dotted around the guests. It’s kind of like the matryoshka dolls which are a set of dolls decreasing in size when you remove the top. They are the perfect coffee tables that are contemporary, don’t take up a lot of space and can be moved around the house easily.


Bedroom Side Tables

bedroom side table

A small bedside table is stylish and adds character to any bedroom. If you enjoy taking your mug upstairs and sip on your herbal tea before you fall asleep, it’s sure to come in handy.  With the right amount of space, two side tables can be twice as nice on either side of the bed. It’s a chic touch and good for all your essentials that can be stored away neatly. It can also be used for a plant, frame or alarm clock stand.

Coffee tables are not a must-have trend as it’s down to personal and practical use. But if you feel your living room or bedroom needs a new look, head over to George home for their finest tables that come in all shapes and sizes that will certainly spark ways to make a coffee table the centre piece of your home.