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Dress Your Baby Bump In Style: Maternity Party Outfits

Christmas party season is nearly here, which means it’s high time to go shopping for that new outfit. Pregnancy won’t stop you from looking great at the party and having an unforgettable night out.

Life and Style are on hand to offer you advice on our favourite maternity party dresses and outfits that will make you look fabulous. We want you to feel comfortable too, all of our maternity looks are suitable for you and will offer an easy feel on your body.


Maternity Dresses

The right dress can take a  while to find, but when you do get one you love, it always feels special. The George maternity dresses offer a great selection of a range of styles that will turn heads on your night out.

Our Maternity Gathered Dress is both comfortable and versatile which will make it a staple for the nights when you want to hit the town. You can wear it out to dinner or to a formal event. Match it with black ballet shoes or wedges to complete the look. The lightweight, breathable material makes it a comfortable companion.

Maternity Wrap Blouses

Tops and Blouses

A nice flowing blouse will keep things breezy and allow you to stay cool and relaxed when you are out for the night.

The Maternity Wrap Blouse just oozes gorgeous. Made from a light fabric, it has an elasticated waistband that will compliment you and your growing bump throughout the pregnancy. It’s a great day to evening wear due to its versatility.

Dress it up or down with our Maternity Elasticated Waistband Treggings to create a day to evening transition that will make you look fantastic and stylish at whatever event you attend.

Maternity Treggings

Trousers and Skirts

When it comes to going out, you can’t beat the versatility of owning a reliable pair of black leggings. They go with many different outfits and will bring your look together. Plus they have an expandable, elastic waistband that will help you keep comfortable.

George have a great selection of maternity jeans which are equally suited to dress up or down depending on the occasion. Our Maternity Over Bump Skinny Jeans are just what you need, dark denim is perfect for day to night transition-wear. Like a good friend these jeans are both comforting and flattering.

Mummy blogger, Rachel Swirl adds, “Whilst I was pregnant I found fashion to be a bit of a faff to be honest. I am far from slim and so am fairly used to covering the cake shelf but a bump was a little harder to dress.

We had a few nights out which I found particularly challenging, I would often lay my ideas for clothing on the bed and end up wearing something completely different. I never really felt comfortable with my appearance pregnant or not.

Maternity Jeans

I found leggings were my saviour, I could team them with a nice floaty top and my Ugg boots and I was good to go.

Most women were straight back into their jeans after having their little ones, unlike me of course. I found that by sticking to leggings there was no pressure to shed the pounds but I did find myself living in leggings most days which sometimes became frustrating.”



Now we have sorted the main look, you will need some accessories to round things off. Scarves can be styled in so many different ways, so it is always handy to keep one of these for your social events. A light shawl is perfect for nights out.

In terms of shoes, you might want to lay off the heels for a while. Your feet will be taking on an extra load, so you might not want to add high heels into the mix. Ballet shoes are perfect for most occasions and can be a very comfortable companion.


If you miss your heels you can always opt for a nice comfortable wedge shoe. This will give you that extra lift, while ensuring your feet are snug and happy.

Rachel believes, “I think that accessories such as chunky necklaces and cardigans draped over a plain top and leggings can make a huge difference to the final look.

Don’t be afraid to show off your body whilst pregnant, you should be proud of your bump. Clothes can make a huge difference to how we feel when out and about and whilst feeling comfortable is also important, it is how you feel in yourself that really counts.”


George have a wonderful selection of maternity clothes that will get you looking stylish when you venture out on in the evening. It’s never too early to start planning what you are wearing to your Christmas party.