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Dressing Gown, Winding Down

The dressing gown is the ultimate sign of comfort. It oozes rest and relaxation in ways that no other item of clothing can match. Wearing your dressing gown is immediately soothing; allowing relief from the pressures of the outside world.

Leta, a lifestyle blogger who runs the award-winning Attachment Mummy, adds, “a capsule wardrobe of dressing gowns and loungewear is an essential.” They never go out of fashion, and like a fine wine, they get better with age.

Here, we take a look at the best activities you can undertake at home to unwind, and the robes that go with them.

Rabbit Ears Dressing Gown


Winter is on the way, and there’s no better place to escape the cold, than inside a fluffy shield from the elements. This is the loungewear of choice for home pampering.

Pop it on after a long bath for immediate serenity. Light a scented candle, and add some mellow music to set the mood. The goal is to rid yourself of the negativity that can build up and affect the soul.

This routine is perfect for getting your head into the “spa zone”. You need a good, positive mind-set to maximise your pampering session. Your body and mind need to slow down, making you more receptive to the relaxing vibes.

Pamper yourself further with a face mask and home mani-pedi. You could even invite your friends to join you and spend time pampering each other. After all, staying in is the new going out!


Cat Ear Dressing Gown


There’s no better feeling than coming home after a long day, than snuggling in your dressing gown. Treat yourself to the peaceful evening you deserve.

Put your phone away for a couple of hours, and disconnect from the world. You can worry about keeping up with the Kardashians and your Twitter feed some other time.

Run yourself a nice warm bath, complete with bath salts. These natural salts will do wonders for easing tired muscles, and have been expertly blended to calm your mind. Be sure your dressing gown is there to greet you with a warm hug once you have dried off.
Rabbit Ears Dressing Gown


The only way to improve a wonderful day of pampering and relaxation, is having someone special to share it with. A romantic night in can be one of the best nights you will spend together as a couple. Pick up a bottle of wine on the way home to set the mood.

Matching robes are perfect for romance, get one for yourself and your partner. Dressing gowns are the ultimate winter warmer, as you can shield away from the cold outdoors.

Instead of eating dinner at the table, you can try something different by having a picnic on the floor. Pick up the usual picnic snacks like cheeses and grapes and sit on a big blanket to replicate the experience indoors. You can light some pretty candles too, that will set the mood right for a beautiful evening.

Some nights you might not fancy going to any effort whatsoever. Chilling in front of the telly can be just as enjoyable and romantic. The comfort and romance of the night will only be improved by the warmth of the dressing gowns.

Floral Print Hooded Dressing Gown

Leta suggests multiple dressing gowns to suit the occasion. “Get rid of restrictive outdoor clothes as soon as you get home and get ready for a chilled evening, with one or two cosy dressing gowns.

A practical but beautiful bathrobe for beauty treatments and long bubble baths; and something a little more je ne sais quoi for those more romantic evenings!

Better still, match your drink to your gown: hot chocolate for chilling, wine and a book for the bath, and nothing less than Champagne for those other moments. Bliss!”

Floral Print Short Dressing Gown


The dressing gown is a loyal friend, which will serve you well for many years. Whether your plan is to use it for pampering, relaxing or romancing; we have something to keep you happy and comfortable.

We also have a great selection of women’s nightdresses, that will soothe you through the winter months.