Marvellous Mini Egg Cake

Easy Easter Cooking Ideas For Kids

Kids love baking and if you have dreams of them winning Great British Bakeoff, you will want to start them on the path early on. Easter is a great time to have some fun in the kitchen, they’re off school and you’re likely to be off work. So why not get your hands mucky and create some Easter treats?

We are going to look at the best recipes that you can make along with the children for delicious family fun!

Let these ideas whet your appetite and encourage you to head to the kitchen and work on your own masterpiece of Easter delight.


Cadbury Creme Mini Egg Chocolate Flapjack


They say Cadbury Creme  Eggs can make a meal out of anything, and this Easter they can be used to spruce up some baking classics like the humble flapjack.

Recipes from a Normal Mum has inspired this delicious spin on an old favourite:

Ensure that you chill the Creme Eggs to ensure they can be cut in half a lot easier, then the warmth from the chocolate on the flapjack will melt the innards and they can ooze out on top of their chocolatey perch.

Check out the full recipe here

One more Creme Egg recipe before we move on. Have you ever tried…

Oozy Chocolate Egg Brownie

Oozy Chocolate Egg Brownie

Square Cake Tins will ensure that the gooey goodness of the Creme Egg don’t ooze out to create a mess whilst this humble brownie raises the classic dessert to new heights. We like to think of Creme Eggs like Graham Norton they just raise everyone else’s game and makes everything better around them.

Check out the full recipe on Good Living

Sticking with the chocolate egg theme we move on to the cousin of the Creme Egg, the Mini Egg. This is another Easter weapon you can break out for your cooking. We have found a couple of fun ideas for you to try:

Mini Egg Milkshakes


It’s Mini Egg season! So of course I made a Mini Egg Milkshake! #saltymilkshakes

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Combining our two favourite Easter chocs into a delicious milkshake, which is chocolate of course. The flavour everyone knows is the best type of milkshake.

This is next level chocolate consumption, the only way it could feel more like Easter is if you break up Easter eggs and dipped it in the milkshake.

Have a look at the recipe on Salty Canary

Let’s double down on the Mini Eggs

Marvellous Mini Egg Cake

Marvellous Mini Egg Cake

This is a cake that is sure to cause jaws to drop when you bring it out, lining up the Mini Eggs on the outside of the cake in a lovely pattern is sure to appeal to all. This triple-layered vanilla cake is sandwiched, with chocolate buttercream. Of course, the Mini Eggs are on the outside, in case that wasn’t enough chocolate for you. Bake this show stopper in one of our non-stick baking tins.

Click here to see the recipe on Good Living

These Easter baking wonders are the perfect activity to undertake with your kids as you can teach them the ropes of the bakery world. Why not have a bash at a couple of these and bring them out for Easter lunch for the perfect way to finish a beautiful meal?