Blogger mum with her 3 year old boy

Easy Home Activity For Winter Days

Fritha is an award-winning blogger at Tiger Lilly Quinn and shop owner. Mum to Wilf and another baby due in December.

With winter drawing in and the weather turning colder, darker and wetter I’m constantly looking for ideas for me and my three year old, Wilf, to get up to indoors that are new and fun.

It’s so easy to get stuck in the rut of putting a film on when it’s raining outside, and although I do love snuggling up on the sofa, I find that my three year old responds much better to imaginary play.

Being eight months pregnant currently I’m limited a little to what activities I can get up to. When my son suggested reading books in a den though, I figured it was probably something I could get involved in.

Wilf in his comfy den

(image created by blogger)

How We Made the Den

I used to love building dens as a child and, if I’m honest, I still love making dens as an adult! There is something so cosy and comforting about throwing a sheet over a table and getting all your favourite cushions and blankets and just snuggling down in there.
To make our den we popped some rugs down in our dining room and used an old curtain to cover the sides. I then used our dining room chairs to make a little extension on either side and ensure there was enough room. I even managed to get in there with him, although with my pregnant tummy it sure was a squeeze!
Wilf and I are both love our outfits from George that we are wearing in these pics. I chose this gorgeous mustard jumper for Wilf that I only wish came in adult sizes too. It’s the perfect chunky knit in a beautiful seasonal colour. I’m also such a fan of this woolly hat; I love the pom pom ears!

Little boy in pom pom hat

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I chose this Aztec print blazer that I’m able to wear open over my bump. I teamed it with some jeggings which are really comfy and I think I’ll be wearing a lot over the next few months as they will go with pretty much anything.

Pregnant woman in Aztec print blazer

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Snacks and Toys to Complete the Picture

After reading a few books in our freshly made den I let Wilf take in the iPad and watch some of his favourite shows whilst I had a cup of tea. I also made him a bowl of popcorn to have in there with him to make it feel a bit more special.

Wilf with popcorn bowl in his den

(image created by blogger)

My son loved this simple idea so much he spent the rest of the afternoon in there, even taking in some of his soft toys for a tea party later on that day. The perfect activity for a winter’s day indoors!