Finding the Right Baby Car Seat for You

When it comes to getting a baby car seat you have a lot to consider, you must be knowledgeable about the law before you begin shopping.

The law states that children must normally use a child car seat until they are 12 years old or 135cm tall, whichever comes first. Before then you are legally required to use one, otherwise you risk facing a hefty fine, or worse. We have collected some common questions you might be having, as well as a few of our favourite car seat products.

When should a baby car seat face forward?

You are legally-obligated to place any child under 15 months of age in a rear-facing seat. The most important change you will make is changing the seat from rear-facing to forward-facing. By doing so, the child is exposed to an increased danger in the event of a collision.

The manufacturer’s instructions should guide you on when it is safe to transition to the forward-facing. There is no rush to change the seating position, so ensure that you are satisfied with your child’s safety before making the change.

How long do baby car seats last?

baby car seatMake sure that you always read the instructions when you first get your car seat because they will usually outline how long it can be used. Most infant and baby seats will usually last between five to seven years from when they were first manufactured not purchased. After which, the law may have changed making your model obsolete.

Should I keep the instructions?

Yes! It’s an old joke that men don’t read the instructions, but with child car seats, it is very important to read and keep the guide. They will give you important information for fitting the seat safely; when it should be replaced and disposal information. All critical information, so don’t get lazy! They include instructions in these things for a reason.

Your options

Whether you’re popping down to the shops or going on holiday, you want to make your child’s journey as safe and comfortable as possible. We ensure that every product we stock meets the highest safety standards, to give you peace of mind when you are on the road.

Graco Milestone All-In-One Car Seat


all in one car seat
The Graco seat might be one of the pricier car seats, but it is the one only one you will ever need, as it grows with your child. It is so versatile that it can be used from birth to 12 years old, making it well worth the investment.
Three car seats in one, this product functions as rear-facing, forward-facing and a high back booster. Along with several nifty features like cup-holder and storage compartments.

Kids Embrace Spiderman / Cinderella 123 Car Seat


spiderman and cinderella car seat

Kids Embrace feature a hero character booster seat with a Spiderman or Cinderella design that children can choose from. Give them immediate comfort and familiarity in their new car seat as they are safely held by one of two beloved children’s characters. Little princesses will love the detachable (and machine-washable) cape on the Cinderella version of the booster seat.

This fun and practical seat is suitable for group 1-2-3, which makes it adaptable for your little one as they grow. The washable covers ensures that their hero’s face can stay fresh from all the inevitable mess that occurs.

Graco Snugfix Car Seat Extreme Black

black car seat

This 0+ car seat has outstanding safety features that offer impact protection, as well as a newborn support pillow and harness pads which offer even further security. The extreme black look is just for you and offers a sleek look that will offer overall comfort.

The reclinable handle makes it easier to carry the seat when transporting your baby. And allows you to easily transition from rear to forward-facing when your child reaches the crucial 15 month threshold.

We hope that this has given you answers to the questions you had in mind and hope this guide helps you choose the right car seat, so your little one is safe and sound. George also have a great range of baby essentials; with prams and pushchairs, bedding and feeding products.