Christmas Tree

Five Christmas Tree Looks With One Little Budget


Lauren is a Texan who has come to call London home. By day, she directs a study abroad program for a US university and writes the lifestyle & travel blog Aspiring Kennedy.  But outside of those two roles, she’s with her tiny little family and dreaming up where their next adventure will take them.


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Growing up, we always had two Christmas trees. The first was a flocked tree with gold ornaments in the living room that served no real purpose other than being pretty. Every ornament fit within the look and the end result made me feel like I was living in a magazine spread.

The second tree was always in the family room. It was natural, and covered in the less-coordinated stash of ornaments that had accumulated over years of school projects and souvenirs from vacations.

This kid-decorated version was always the ‘actual Christmas tree’ where presents went and where we celebrated. As imperfect and unglossy as it looked, it was the one that made it feel like Christmas had actually arrived in our house.

Five Looks in Five Days

George asked me to give FIVE different Christmas tree looks. Five! The thing is, as crazy as that sounds… I was so excited to do it. It seemed like a perfect week of entertainment for being home with the kids in a soggy week in December.

And guess what − it was a total hit. Each day, my partner Tyler would leave for work and I’d say, ‘Okay! Time to decorate the tree again!’ Viola would clap and Harrison would cheer us on during our task by ‘tasting’ all the ornaments for us.

Two Easy Artificial Trees

There were two trees, just like I’m used to. One green tree, one flocked − though both were artificial and pre-lit…. and I have to tell you, it was kind of amazing to just pop the pieces together, fluff them up and be done.

I chose the skinny, modern version for the larger tree as we live in small spaces with kids. It gave us all the height to decorate without taking over the floor space. Perfect!

The flocked one was only 3 feet high, so it was perfect for kids to help decorate.

So here’s our week in Christmas trees. I hope you enjoy looking at them… we had SO much fun getting them all up.

The Looks

1. The first look that we did on the big tree was a rustic look with linen stars, wool bobbles, gold tinsel and cute little embroidered squirrel ornaments. This was the first tree we put up and we had such a good time singing to Mariah Carey and playing with the squirrels. Viola was more than happy to climb up on me to help get the cork star on the top.

Christmas tree

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2. The next day, I switched my attention to the smaller snowy tree to make our outside area feel a bit festive. People loved it, too! There’s a studio next to our front door that always has the doors open. The men who work there are constantly coming outside to have tea and chat. As I set up the tree, they came out with a tray of mugs of tea and called each other out to see it. There we all sat chatting about Christmas in the cold street over tea. All that was missing in that magical festive moment was Hugh Grant.

tree 3

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I really like this look, too. The white acorns, grey wool baubles and an old pom pom garland that I had hanging in the kids room all worked perfectly together. Even though none of the colours were the same. Also, that cork star tree-topper brought the whole look together.

3. The next day it was time to give the big tree a new look. I have a slight crush on butterflies, so the idea of doing an all-gold tree with butterflies dotted around it seemed fun. Viola loved these and I can definitely say that they were relocated around the tree at least 64,234,367 times within a span of 24 hours.

These ornaments were a good marriage of gorgeousness with price point. They’re lovely, but I’m not constantly worried about little hands touching them.

tree 4

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4. The little flocked tree we had sitting outside was eventually commandeered by my children and we decided to put a tree in their room. Of course, about 2 minutes later the enthusiasm was gone… but, luckily, the tree we had assembled in that short time span was so cute. It only took a string of £1 green beads, a few pompoms and one sparkly tree-topper to make a perfectly kid-friendly tree.

tree 5

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That evening, I sat in their room rocking Harrison back to sleep. As he went back to sleep, I lay there and looked at the twinkly lights and felt a lump in my throat. Something about sharing the fun of Christmas with my babies got me. It really is a magical time of year!

5. Finally, I did the last look. I covered the tree in green and red (shatterproof!) baubles, glass gingerbread men, red jingle bells and red tartan hearts. There are just so many options on George that you can put together a coordinated look super easy.

tree 6

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I stuck a couple of our own ornaments on there and left it up for Tyler to see when he came home. When he walked through the door, he looked at the tree and said, ‘Oh, this is my favourite. Can we leave this one up?’ Yes! I felt the same − it made the room so homey.

This morning as me and Viola were lounging on the couch, she looked up and said, ‘This one is best.’ Yup. All votes are in. We have a winner.

So how do you decorate? With a theme and a planned look… or do you just go with an informal family feel?

I love that with George you can do a dressed-up look or a casual tree without having your budget decide for you. There are so many looks and options available – it’s really just up to you to choose what fits your family’s style best.