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Camping Checklist

Family camping trips create cherished memories for years to come. However, to ensure the holiday is remembered for the right reasons and not because of a leaky tent and a broken BBQ, it’s best to plan your packing in advance.

To lend a helping hand, we’ve created a checklist full of family camping essentials to guarantee you’re well prepared for your outdoor adventure.

1. Easy-Use Camping

If you’re struggling to pack, it’s a good idea to start with the basics, and when it comes to camping equipment, nothing is more important than your tent.

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Whatever size you opt for, a top priority is checking whether your tent is easy to assemble. After all, you don’t want to be struggling with tent poles and pegs while your kids get restless.

Once it’s ready, fill your tent with mats, airbeds and sleeping bags to make sure your night under the stars is a comfortable and cosy one.

2. Family Mealtimes

After setting up your sleeping arrangements, the next thing on the agenda is food. While you could go to a local café, eating outside will help the whole family get into the camping spirit.

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From pre-preparing picnic sandwiches and snacks to getting all hands on deck for a BBQ, making the most of the great outdoors is what camping is all about.

Even so, picnicware is just as vital as the food (well, almost!). Don’t forget to stock up on reusable plastic plates, cups and a picnic rug for fuss-free family meals.

3. Comfy Clothing

It’s often the little things that make the biggest difference when you’re camping. For example, you might be surprised at how much an extra pair of socks can brighten up your mood when you’ve got damp feet.

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For this reason, we suggest packing practical clothing like easy-to-wear tops and bottoms, as well as knitted jumpers and long pyjamas for the evenings.

4. Wet Weather

It’s no secret that the British weather isn’t the most reliable. One minute it’s bright sunshine and the next you’re running from the rain. With this in mind, it’s useful to be prepared for a few showers.

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Little ones can splash about in puddles with wellies and shower-resistant macs, while you stay dry in a hooded raincoat. There’s no need to let the rain dampen your day!

5. Home Comforts

We know that finding time for a trip away isn’t always possible. Thankfully, you don’t need to travel far to enjoy a camping experience. In fact, you can have all the benefits by setting up camp in your own back garden!

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To transform your space, simply arrange a pop-up tent or teepee with plenty of cushions and throws. Not only is this arrangement perfect for little ones trying out camping for the first time, but you can sleep happily knowing that home comforts are close by.

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