How to Get Fit For Less

The Christmas holidays are full of rich and tasty food, but don’t limit yourself from indulging in the festive flavours. With New Year’s also just around the corner, make it your resolution to get fit and feel guilt free.

However, it may feel like there are many obstacles getting in the way of your gym plans like buying Christmas gifts, party outfits and all the other little stuff in between. With so much to do and buy, no wonder you may feel a little dragged in the rain with all the outgoings.

When you have to choose between value and practicality, don’t sweat the price tag. Work up a sweat on the gym floor with Asda’s women’s sportswear collection. This will be your friendly motivation to keep fit for the New Year without breaking the bank.

Cheap Meal PlansGreen Juice

It’s very important to combine your training program with healthy food. One of the cheapest ways is switching your fizzy drinks for bottles of water, or getting it straight from your tap. Consuming 2 litres of water is refreshing and will keep your skin, hair, nails and overall body function working well.

Getting your five a day in is easy too. Stock up on your greens and fruits from your grocery store. You can make homemade smoothies by blending your favourite fruits such as bananas, kiwi, and blueberries. Mix it up with some veggies like broccoli, spinach, or whatever you fancy in your drink. You’ll have loads more left in the jug, so put it away in the fridge and drink it throughout the week with your breakfast for an extra boost.

Pink Workout TopGym Gear

Now that gym clothes have hit the stores on the high streets, it’s no longer just about the brand. It’s now a fashion trend that can be worn for daily comfortability as well as in the gym. The best part of it is that you can get kitted out from head to toe and it won’t take a chunk out of your monthly salary.
Get yourself a workout vest in a loose fit. This is breathable and will make you feel comfortable when you’re exercising. If you have to drop the kids to school and do some food shopping, you can do that easily in jogging bottoms then head to the gym later. Match it up with a lightweight hoody that’s perfect for relaxing in or for your morning rush when it’s cold outside.

Gym Free Exercise

Going for long walks is one of the best form of exercise because it’s free and accessible as soon as you step out of your front door. Instead of catching public transport, let your legs be your transportation.

Bike riding is another excellent way to stay fit if you haven’t got time for the gym. It’s a low impact exercise which makes it easier on your joints than running. Make sure you’re dressed for the ride in a non-wired sports bar, training hoody and floral printed joggers so you can enjoy the outdoor scenery in more detail.

You can significantly improve your health and circulation to your heart and lungs with outdoor exercises. The fresh air does wonders for your skin so that it can breathe.


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Indoor Exercises

You can try out some great home workout exercises that will get your heart pumping. Find a good space and start off with some simple stretches to loosen up your muscles. If you’re doing it bare foot or in your sports socks, you’ll want to wear one that’s cushioned for good grip on slippery wooden floors.

For free workout videos jump onto YouTube and search exercise programs that includes yoga, aerobics or 30 minutes cardio workouts without equipment’s.

Aim to work out 3 to 4 times a week combined with your healthy eating and you’ll be amazed how quickly you’ll achieve results.

Now you can work out in style and feel confident in Asda’s women’s sportswear. It will support and boost your New Year’s fitness gains and you’ll be surprised how versatile your gym outfits are that fits in with your everyday routine.