Get The Look – Coolest Boys’ Room Ideas Of 2016

Creating a cool space for your child at home is a fun adventure that will combine your child’s personality with a touch of style. With kids’ rooms it’s easy to be lost to a world of pink and blue, but the joy of decorating a child’s space is that the possibilities are endless – just like their imaginations.

So you may as well go big or go home.

The First Step For Your Boy’s Bedroom

The key to creating a cool room is finding your design voice. Are you a colour-lover? Do loud graphic patterns do it for you or simple Scandinavian style? Do you have a small space and want to go with a minimalist look, all white with clever storage? Or do you want vintage vibes with an eclectic touch?

Bulb light

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chic grey pouffe

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The coolest thing about kids’ rooms is there is no right answer. It’s all to do with personal taste and planning your space. Ive always been a huge fan of Scandinavian design: grey hues, pale pinks, cool whites and natural wood, with the occasional pop of colour to make an impression. So when I first found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted to make my sons room special, a place that would grow with him and he could enjoy as much as me.

Easy Changes As They Grow

But as he’s grown so have his interests. The beautiful natural wood toys have made way to a plastic parade, and so I’ve had to up my game.

When thinking how to pull a cool kid’s room together, you first need to research ideas and find inspirations that tick all your boxes – without the hefty price tag.

Now that Felix has started school I’m noticing his need to unwind after 3pm, so I decided to focus on two areas: combining his interests of drawing and reading with my love of greys and graphic patterns. I wanted to make a cosy corner that is versatile, somewhere he could sit, think, draw, snuggle and generally chill out.

How To Make A Cosy Chillout Space For Kids

I used a blackboard paint to create a huge doodle wall for him to use and generally get messy. Top tip: if you don’t fancy painting your wall black then look around for another surface, like a kid’s table top or back of the bedroom door.

Chalboard wall

(image created by blogger)

For the corner I’ve used this durable charcoal knitted pouffe from George Home and a Letter F Throw for him to snuggle in (see above).

Kids’ lighting

To create a bit of warmth and light, I used this cool Arrow Bulb Light, which he thinks is great, plus it has a dimmer switch so it’s perfect for bedtime.

Arrow bulb light

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I also added in a few quirky touches that will grow with the room: a decorative antique-effect oar for his love of boats and Vikings, and the fun alpaca ornament to use as an alternative book end.

Cool Kids’ Bedding

To balance the space I’ve used bright white and patterned bedding to contrast with the dark corner. This part was all about fun, using shark fitted sheets and NYC street scenes with the addition of a Stormtrooper cushion for cuddling. It totally shouts cool kid’s room.

fun bedding

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However you decide to decorate your kid’s room, it’s important to have fun, to get them involved and discuss ideas, and to help give the room their personal touch and make them proud.

Top tip: when buying pieces for a child’s room, step away from the kids’ section! You might find a few fun things that your kid will love, but pulling together pieces from various departments is much more fun and can achieve a stylish interior with pieces that will transcend trends.

Lori Taylor Arnold

Lori is the founder of popular UK Lifestyle blog Wild & Grizzly, where mama meets cool, for lovers of style, design, travel and interiors. After studying design, Lori moved to London to work in publishing and PR before leaving the Big Smoke to relocate with her husband and son to the creative city of Bristol. Wild &Grizzly has appeared in many publications such as Grazia, Gurgle, Mother & Baby, and Style at Home, and has been nominated for several awards. Lori loves hanging out with her five year old and can always be found with a coffee in hand.