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Halloween Guide: Costumes for Busy Mums & Face Paint for Little Ones



You spend weeks in advance searching for the right costumes for your kids, but it doesn’t end there. Outcome the face paints! Oh and have you thought about your own Halloween costume and makeup too? The thought probably wouldn’t cross your mind until the last minute.

Grown up or not, let’s admit it we all love to play dress up. Why not look as great as your little monsters and join in on all the fun. Check out our quick and easy kids face painting tips from expert artist and face-painting guru, Lorretta Peppiatt, and ideas on your outfit that will get you in to the Halloween spirit. Good luck!


Avoid Oil-Based Paints

It is easier to use water-based face paint for your child’s Halloween make up.

“Never use acrylic paints or anything not suitable for use on skin,” says Lorretta. “Make sure your sponge is not too wet. Test the consistency of the paint on the back of your hand to make sure it isn’t too wet or too dry.”

Also, water-based paint can be removed with a wet sponge, allowing you to fix almost any mistake. The consistency is easier to work with, especially for beginners.

 Glitter Face Paint


Use the Three Step Process

In most cases, Halloween face paint can be completed in three simple steps:

  1. Apply the base colours with a wet sponge. It can be helpful to work with lighter colours before darker ones.
  2. Draw the details on the face with the brush and colour them in.
  3. Add finishing touches and details such as sparkles or glitter.

Lorretta adds, “If you are not experienced, always start with a simple design. You can easily find them on the internet.

Sparkles or glitter always stick better on wet paint. A little bit of water from a spray bottle helps too.”

Dragon face Paint


Get the Kids to Stay Still

Keeping an excited or bored kid still while painting can be as difficult as the artwork itself. We suggest telling them a story during the painting to keep them from fidgeting. If that doesn’t work you can always give them an iPad to play with during the painting.

Gently place your non-painting hand on the child’s head. Not only does this keep them still, but it should improve you better balance while painting.

Lorretta adds, “You can always tell your child step by step what you are doing. That usually keeps them still. They like to know what’s happening.”

 Face Paint Flowers


Keep Your Brushes Clean

Always clean your brushes between the faces that you paint for hygiene reasons. You’ll also want to clean your brush between changing colours. It would be a shame to mix your colours and undo your hard work.

“Always keep your container of water fresh that you’re using to paint with. That helps to keep your brushes clean,” says Lorretta.

Tiger Face Paint


Cleaning up

We suggest using unscented wet wipes to clean your child’s face once the fun is over. These are gentle on skin and will prevent you from staining your towels with paint.

Lorretta suggests “using sensitive makeup remover and cotton wool to remove the face paint as an alternative.”

flower face paint

Important note: make sure that you do the painting AFTER the costume has been put on. You don’t want any smears on your artwork.


Now that we have the little ones ready waiting impatiently to head out of the door and stock up on the sugar, let’s work through your wardrobe and put together your Halloween costume. Don’t fret, it’s quick and easy and you’ll be out in no time.

You spend weeks in advance searching for the right costumes for your kids, but when it comes to your own Halloween costume, the thought probably wouldn’t cross your mind until the last minute.

Grown up or not, let’s admit it we all love to play dress up. Why not look as great as your little monsters and join in on all the fun with our quick and easy tips that will get you in to the Halloween spirit.


Use Your Makeup Creatively

It’s not only your little ones who can paint their faces, mums can too! If you don’t have time to buy a mask, items you already have in your makeup bag can be used to deliver eye-catching results. Go on and unleash your inner wildness and go as a sassy kitty by drawing on whiskers with your eyeliner pencil. Meow!

You can also embrace your messy bed hair don’t care look. Throw on an old t-shirt, apply scary makeup such as smoky dark eye shadow and red lipstick for blood. You’ll pull off the Walking Dead look easily.

halloween makeup



With all fancy dress costumes, accessories can really turn your outfit into a winner.

If you have time to buy just one accessory, go with the witch hat. This piece is super simple, as you can accessorise with what you already have in your wardrobe. Finish the look with a black jumper dress, choker and drop earrings. Be sure to get into character as the Wicked Witch.

Another simple accessory is a pair of devil horns. All you have to do is find a red or black dress, fitted skirt or a jumper in your wardrobe. Create dramatic looks with your makeup by using red eye shadow on the eyelids and under the lash line. Use the same colour to contour the cheek bones for added effect. Don’t forget to slap on the red lippy too.

witch hat


Get Creative with Items at Home

We were all obsessed with the stunning Michelle Pfeiffer when she played Catwoman, in Batman Returns. So if this is a look you will like to achieve without the latex, there are two ways you can do this with your existing clothes.

  1. A black jumpsuit, fitted or loose. either one will work depending on what you feel comfortable in. Pair it with black patent court heels. Since you’ll be walking a lot, the heels are just right to add height and lengthen your legs.
  2. Black skinny jeans, fitted black polo neck jumper, or a slim v neck jumper to show off some skin. Black will slim down your figure and dark silhouettes create that catlike look. Pair it with black ankle or knee high boots.

Both looks are sexy, sassy and fierce, and once you’ve added final touches like cat ears and drawn on whiskers, you’ll be ready to crawl the streets.

Buy One in Good Time

If you’re not feeling creative or are fast running out of time, there is always the option of letting someone else do the hard work and buying a fancy dress costume. From Princess Leia to Tinkerbell and Wonder Woman, George have you covered with Halloween sets for £20 or under.

Our favourite of pick? The Halloween Beetlejuice costume, will grab attention at any party. This spooky outfit is lovingly loyal to the film, and includes a striped dress, plus headband with hat detail.

beetlejuice costume

Luckily, Halloween is a couple of months away; you can avoid the last minute scramble for a costume by heading to our stores in plenty of time. We have something for all aspects of Halloween, from costumes to party food. Let George.com help you with our Halloween range online and in store today.

Also start researching now for face painting ideas. It’s artistic and should be enjoyed by all. Head over to Lorretta Peppiatt’s Facebook and Instagram for tips and tricks that help turn your kids into little monsters. Don’t forget to take a snap of the finished look. Let