The Halloween Party Guide

Need fresh ideas to make your Halloween party stand out? We are looking across the Atlantic to bloggers, Jenna and Lisa, who run SavvySassyMoms in the USA for inspiration; a country renowned for throwing some of the best Halloween parties in the world.

Savvy Sassy Moms

Here are five key ideas for throwing a party that both adults and children will enjoy. Featuring plenty of inspiration that you can take away and use.

toilet paper bat rolls


You don’t have to spend a fortune to decorate. Choose a theme for the event and you will be able to find matching invitations in-store.

Decorations can make or break the success of a Halloween party. Ensure you begin decorating early to be properly prepared. Pick up a Ghost Projection Light for a terrifying illusion- it’s sure to go down great with the kids!

By shopping at Asda, there are plenty of inexpensive party decorations that will transform your home into a house of horror.

You don’t have to spend a lot to make your Halloween party look great! One of our favourite Halloween
party decorations are the
Toilet Paper Bat Rolls. They are cute and easy to make! Just follow the link for a step by step guide.

For the kids, a tape web is a fun activity to encourage them to crawl or hop around on!  Start by making a straight line across the floor. From the middle of the line, begin making diagonal lines to create the web. Finally, use small pieces of tape to connect the diagonal lines from the bottom to the top, and voila! The kids will love walking all over it!


Web tape


PropsSpider Napkin Rings

Choose your Halloween props wisely, because they will enhance your theme. Asda
have a great selection to suit most needs. We have bats, skeletons and ghosts for those planning on creating a haunted house.

Our selection of balloons, wigs and eerie lights will fit most events. We have plenty of props for children too, such as a witch set that includes a witch hat and glitter broom. These are essential accessories for any party.

From plastic creepy crawly props to decorative bowls, the small things make the party pop! Use a themed tablecloth and set the table with a mini pumpkin for all of your guests! If yo
u’ve got little kids, add stickers to the tables and have them decorate their pumpkin instead of carving it! Use spider rings as napkin wraps for an added touch!


Pumpkin CarvingChild Pumpkin Carving

The Jack-o’-lantern is such a crucial prop that it requires its own section. Carving a pumpkin requires less artistic skill than you might think. Here is a quick step-by-step guide to the process:

  1. Choose a large pumpkin and cut off the crown with a sharp serrated knife.
  2. With a large spoon, empty out the innards of the pumpkin until it is empty.
  3. Draw a simple outline on the outside of the pumpkin with a marker pen to use as a guide. With a small serrated knife cut out eyes and a mouth. Ensure to cut away from you, in case the knife slips.
  4. Pop a tea light into the hollow centre of the pumpkin and replace the crown.


Each of our children get their own Jack-o’-lantern each year! Pumpkin carving is an exciting night in our house! After we open up the pumpkin, we spend time scooping out the insides. I always encourage my children to smell and feel the seeds as it is a wonderful sensory experience! When they are done, we wash the seeds and save them for baking once the carving is all done! An outline is a great help it you are looking to make some more elaborate, but funny faces are easy and just as fun!



Childrens costume

Halloween is the one time a year when you can be anyone you want to be! Our kids talk about what they will be dressing up as months In advance! Let their imagination run free and create a costume on your own, or purchase the character of their dreams! Whoever they dress up as, make sure the choice is meaningful to them! After all, Halloween is all about the costume!  If your kids are little, dress up with them in the same costume or read our tips on easy DIY costumes to match your kids!

It’s important to be prepared, so don’t buy your costume at the last minute. Avoid the last second panic and read our Halloween guide for busy mums.

However, with all the organisation required for the event, it might not be possible to secure a costume ahead of time. Luckily, Asda has you covered. You can find a variety of full Halloween costumes available for under £20. With sets ranging from Wonder Woman to cavewoman, there is plenty of choice.

Asda also stock several spooky items like a Witch Nose, Glitter Trident and Vampire Fangs. Mix and match these fancy dress items to create a truly unique costume. You can have the most creative Halloween costume at the party, if you choose to make it yourself.


Halloween Party FoodYummy Mummy Meatballs

Ensure that you stock up on spooky snacks for guests to feast on throughout the night. We have a great selection of Halloween party food and serving bowls. Why not pick up one of our kids party sets, with paper bowls, cups and plates? We also stock Day of the Dead versions.

While everyone will be in awe of the incredible décor, festive treats go along way to keep your party-goers happy! Keep it simple and fun by putting a spooky twist on an everyday meal. Yummy Mummy Meatballs are a fan favourite over here.

With all the junk food you and the kids will be eating this time of year, try making some Tricky Treats. With the help of Halloween themed cookies cutters, create watermelon pops by simply using a cookie cutter and festive straw!

For adults, you’ll want to enjoy a Redrum Halloween cocktail. Made with red pomegranate juice and two types of rum, this Redrum Halloween cocktail lives up to its name. However, it won’t leave you or your friends trying to chop down the door while running for the exit.


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We have a variety of items that will spice up any party and amuse both adults and kids. We have it all, from the decorations to props, to food. Head down to your local store, if you dare. Check the full range here.