The Handy Luggage For Your Holiday

You’re going away for Easter– lucky you! Arrive at the airport without any hassle of waiting for your bag when you have the perfect sized carriers to fit all your holiday essentials. Here is the luggage that meet your requirements so you can breeze through the crowd easily.


Weekend Travel Bags

weekend bags

To begin with you should check your airlines luggage weight and size restrictions for check-in and hand luggage. You wouldn’t want to do this once you’re there as you could be faced with fines and that extra cash could be used on your trip.

If you’re going away for the weekend, you’ll want to carry something light weight which you can fit in the cabin. A holdall bag will allow you to leave the stress of the busy week behind and carry just what you need for a mini getaway. It’s convenient and easy to move around from the car, train, or the aeroplane. It will also give you the confidence that all your belongings are safe as long as you seal all your liquids properly.

If you’re packing skills are on point, you could probably get away with carrying your gym duffel bag for a weekend break. Make sure you only pack your essentials and check the weather forecast at your destination so you’ll know exactly what you will need.gym bag


 Luggage For A 5 Night Getaway

blue suitcase



blue suitcase open


The size is an important factor when choosing luggage for a longer weekend break. 21 -22” is the most popular size carry-on and guaranteed you can go anywhere with this perfect size.

So if you’re planning to head to swanky restaurants, beach parties or enjoy sight-seeing you probably won’t want to live without coordinating your day and evening looks. Travel in style with a hard outer shell luggage that’s brilliant for protecting all your clothes, belongings and will give you more room so you don’t feel clothes-deprived. Not only that, you can find designs that are sleek and can give your outfit a pop of colour by having it wheeling behind you.


7 Day Trip Suitcase

7 day luggage

 7 day luggage open


Be smart when you’re packing for a 7 nights trip. Start a few days early and lay out everything so you know what you will need. Then spend some time eliminating clothes that are bulky and don’t match the rest of your holiday wardrobe. Depending on what type of holiday you’re going for whether its relaxation, sightseeing, culture, partying or a bit of everything, you will want a luggage that can fit all your clothes but still be a decent size to move around with ease.

Finding the best cabin luggage can take some time if you’re not keen on waiting in line by the baggage area. Go for a 92L trolley suitcase which is perfect to fit into the cabin and light enough to pack more without the worry of excess baggage charges.


2 Weeks Trip Luggage


2 weeks luggage


2 weeks luggage open


If you’re really taking advantage of the Easter holidays and using the sneaky holiday hack plan to get 18 days off work from using 9 days of your holiday, keep in mind that versatility and layering are key for this long trip. Picking neutral shades are easier to mix and match and will take up less space than choosing to pack an outfit for each day.

When it comes to choosing the right luggage you will want something that is very robust and useful for storing things for days when you want to check your emails or upload images by the pool. You may decide to pack your laptop, magazines, or books, so you will want to access your stuff quickly without opening the case.

It may not be as flashy and stylish as your 7 day suitcase, however it’s a clever hybrid of lightweight structure and one that will offer ultra-strength. This four wheeler is smooth and silent and will get you to check-in swiftly. With a 105L capacity, it offers maximum space for packing all your important belongings and extra room and zip compartments to bring back gifts and souvenirs.

There are many advantages to travelling with the correct luggage, for a peace of mind head over to George to find more colours and sizes available.