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Helping Your Baby Get A Good Night’s Sleep

For new parents, bedtime can become a waking nightmare as you try to get your newborn to sleep; while getting enough sleep for yourself. Life and Style have put our heads together to give you some tips that will hopefully help you and your baby get more sleep.

Firstly, you need to find a routine that works for you, there is no one rule that applies to everyone. Each baby is different and a tip that might work for someone else might not work for you. There will be trial and error before you find your system, so be patient.

Be wary that at various stages of the baby’s development their sleeping patterns will totally change, and established routines just don’t work anymore. Which brings you back to trial and error again.

Here’s some advice that we hope can make things a little easier at bed time.

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Get Your Baby Used to Day & Night

If possible try to keep to a consistent bed time routine to help your baby learn that certain times are for sleeping. It may take a few months for your baby to learn the difference between day and night, but it is never too early to start teaching them.

The NHS recommend setting the scene for night time by:

  • – Keeping lights dimmed
  • – Reduce sound and talk in hushed tones
  • – After feeding and changing put your baby to bed
  • – Don’t change them unless it’s urgent
  • – Don’t play with them until the morning

Most babies begin to sleep through the night between 3 to 4 months of age, so it’s important to establish good sleep habits in the first 6 months.



Get a Slumber Buddy

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To create a tranquil setting for your baby at bedtime you can get a soft, cuddly buddy for bedtime. Our Summer Infant Slumber Buddies Bee plays 5 soothing songs and projects a calming starry display on the ceiling to help send them off to sleep.

Slumber buddies are great for creating a calm, familiar environment for bed time. Your baby will love the company of their night time friend as they are eased to sleep.



Condition Them For Bed Time

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We associate some sights and sounds with experiences, like the sound of a school bell and home time. The smell of certain food can bring back memories of places you have eaten. Babies are much the same and will begin associate the sights and sounds of bed time with sleep.

Try to create a consistent environment each time you put your baby to sleep. Play a song on the mobile, or sing them a particular song to let them know that it is time for sleep. After a while these sounds could be enough to help them sleep.



You’re Going to Get Things Wrong

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It’s important to remember that every child is different and they won’t sleep through every night; even if you do something that has worked before. Trust your instincts as you know your baby best. If you don’t think your bambino is ready for a bedtime routine that’s perfectly fine.

Only you will know the cues you get from your baby that mean they’re ready for bed. It could be the way they move or a sound they make that lets you know they are ready to sleep. Over time you will get better at recognising these signals that your bundle of joy is in the mood for sleep.

Mistakes don’t define you as a parent and any mishap is a golden opportunity to learn and improve. It’s OK to get things wrong, because we learn more through our errors than successes.


Remember to keep smiling and try to enjoy bedtime. It might not seem like it now, but in a few years’ you will look fondly back on these days. You won’t get it back, sleep time is a great chance to bond with your baby.

baby and mother

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NHS advice can be found here