Holiday Hack: Get 18 Days off Work From Just 9 Days Holiday

Get ready to have your mind blown because we are going to reveal a sneaky holiday hack that will get you 2 for 1 on your holidays during the Easter period. How does this magic occur, you ask? Step right this way and we will reveal the unique circumstances of the 2017 calendar that you can use to create an extra-long break.

With tactical use of your annual leave, you can enjoy 18 consecutive days away from work by using just 9 days of your allowance. You can hide away from that depressing period between winter and spring as the weather awkwardly flits between the two seasons with typically miserable results.


To achieve this you need to book holiday between Tuesday 18 April – Friday 28 April. Due to Good Friday your last day in the office will actually be Thursday 13 April and you won’t have to go back until Tuesday 2 May! You can reap the rewards of being ahead of the game by enjoying two and a half weeks away from work.

Thanks to Good Friday, Easter Monday and May Bank Holiday falling during this period, this holiday hack works to give you an extended break from work to recharge. This unexpected perk is caused by the full moon arriving early, which is used to calculate Easter and Passover; meaning that these holidays are also early.

Have a look at our handy diagram for the low down on how this trick works:


Soak it up this year, because we will have to wait until 2019, where Good Friday occurs on 19 April. So if you are too late to get your request in for this year’s Easter holidays, then you have a big head start for the next occurrence.

This is another bonus for British workers who got recently had another favourable amount of holiday during the Christmas period. The calendar was again kind to us when Christmas and New Year’s Day both landed on Sundays. Therefore, people who usually had to use holiday to miss these days could save them for another time.

If you manage to get this time off work, then it seems like the perfect excuse to jet away on holiday to escape to a warmer climate. While your colleagues are sitting at their desks you could be chilling on the beach. Now you’re only decision is to decide the location for your trip.