Holiday Packing Hacks for Winter Sun

So you’ve decided to have a winter break and escape the cold British winter. You are probably the envy of the office; your colleagues would leap at the chance to flee the cold with bags packed and suitcases in hand.

While no one likes to be a show off, that won’t stop you from posting pictures of your hotel view to Instagram; letting everyone know how well your Monday is going compared to everyone else’s. #LivingTheLife.

But before you ditch us for warmer pastures, there is still the matter of packing for the sun. This Life and Style guide will let you know what to pack and offer some general packing hacks to maximise your space.

Packing Hacks

Nobody likes packing, it’s the reason many of us leave it until the last possible minute; sometimes it doesn’t get done until the night before. We’ve all been there. While we can’t make you do your holiday packing in good time; we have a few tips that might make things a bit easier and save some space in your suitcase.

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Roll Roll Roll your Clothes

One of our best packing tips is to roll not fold any clothes you put into your suitcase. Not only does this increase the amount of items you can fit into your bag, but it also reduces the likelihood of clothes getting creased.

Try to roll clothes to be as small as possible in order to make the most of your space. For smaller items you could try and fit them inside shoes again to fill your space. Carefully arrange your items Tetris-style to maximum space efficiency.

Advanced packers might like to try to the famous “ranger roll” to reduce a t-shirt into a six inch burrito-style tight roll.




Wear your Heaviest ShoesPacking

Reducing the number of shoes you bring on holiday can really save room and weight on your luggage. At most you probably need walking shoes, beach shoes and at a push, something to wear in the evening.

If you are struggling to keep your luggage under the weight guidelines for the flight then you can
always wear your bulkiest pair of shoes for the flight.

To protect your clothes from getting dirty from the shoes you can also use a shower cap to cover the soles.

Store your Cables in a Sunglasses Case

In this modern age where everyone has multiple devices and chargers. Avoid the frustration of digging through your case contents to pull out a tangled mess of cables. Instead, store your wires in a sunglasses cases. Pack these cases last to make sure that they stay at the top for maximum convenience.


What to Bring

We pass over to Hannah Kacary from That Adventurer for her top winter holiday packing advice:

“If you’re packing for a winter sun holiday it’s pretty easy to forget to take things like sun cream as you won’t be thinking about it when it’s grey and cold at home! You’ll regret it if you don’t use it though. Make sure your bottle is less than 100ml if you’ve only got hand luggage or you could decant a big bottle into several smaller ones.

The good thing about sunny holidays is you can pack quick light clothes as you’re not filling your suitcase with jumpers so you can usually get away with just taking hand luggage. When I travel for a winter sun holiday I like to take a couple of casual dresses that work well at the beach or out at dinner and then accessorise them with some jewellery to smarten them up a little bit.

Oh and don’t forget your swimsuit or bikini as there’s always some relaxing in the pool or watersports adventures to be had on a winter sun holiday!”


Suitcase Staples

When you’re deciding on what to take, stick to a colour palette of three shades so it’s easier to mix and match. You may decide not to wear an outfit you packed as the evening could get chilly all of a sudden. At least you can rotate your tops with skirts or jeans depending on the occasion and personal taste.

Make sure that you pack warm clothes for your return to Britain, because the weather will be much colder than you are going to be used to. It might come in handy.


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