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Hot Home Decorating Trends For 2017

As the New Year approaches you’ll hear the saying ‘out with the old, in with the new’ go viral as everyone starts planning on how they can make a fresh start. If redecorating your home is one of them, fluff up your pillows, sit down with your lappy and a bunch of magazines because now is the time to start collecting ideas. Luckily you won’t have to search too far, Life & Style have collected the New Year colour schemes and styles that will work well for your home.


Terracotta Hallway Ideas

warm washes 3

Choosing the right colour for your home is important as it’s your shelter from the outside world. As soon as you walk through the door you’ll want to feel a sense of freeness and the colours should emphasise that. Hallway ideas will take your space from plain to pleasant and will make a great first impression. Soft terracotta will switch the dull white washed tones and spring life back into your home. Bear in mind the size of your hallway and work around that. A soft rug on wooden floors will complement each other and keep it calm and elegant. Don’t stress when you enter, leave all your troubles at the front door.


Serenity Bedroom Ideas

white and greys 2

The bedroom is where you will rest. You’ll want to sleep and wake up in a good mood, so it’s down to personal taste to create a relaxing atmosphere that’s unique and one that will suit you. Here are some good bedroom design ideas to make your room a dream sanctuary.

Upholstered headboards will be a big thing for 2017 and act as the focal point in your room. They have been a staple for luxury homes and hotels and adds instant glamour. Choose white bedding and grey or mink plush throws to compliment the headboard.

White is a safe colour to paint your walls. It’s easier to have a palette of two or three shades without making the room look small or dark. Even though this colour will always stay in trend, wake up to the softer side of spring with greys and earthy pastel hues which are a good choice for bedroom furniture, cushions and lamps. It’s the little things that will add warmth and cosiness to a blank canvas room.


Living the Winter Dream

winter green


Dark interiors like a deep rich green will create a wintery backdrop for your living room. It will look great against tanned features like your sofa, armchair and brass lamps to add depth and bring in the colours from the outdoors. By dotting around a few white candles and cushioned pillows to set the ambience for a relaxing space; which is just what you need when you return from a long day at work. Pure bliss.


Winter Shades

shades of blue


This year’s colour trends will remind you of a grey winter morning that’s timeless and will compliment any living room and bedroom design ideas. If you’re not able to transform your room from top to bottom you can invest in a few key pieces. Throw over a velvet or a woven fabric throw on your sofa or bed for more cuddly sensations. Mix in some pillows in vibrant tones of your choice like midnight blue or lilacs that will really take your space to a whole new level.

When it comes to colour trends visualise the space around you and what you want to use the room for. Whether you want to create an escapism room to shut off from all the digital distractions or a family friendly space, you can find just what you want at George that will offer comfort for everyone for the 2017 season ahead.