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How to Create a Unique Study Space

When it comes to creating a study space in your home then this is the place to look for inspiration on creating a unique zone that can be used for concentration and creativity. Whether the area is to be used for school-age children or an office to allow working from home, we have you covered.

Studies have found that environment is important for retaining information; so where you decide to set up your new space makes a difference to the quality of the learning.


The Desk

If you are designating one room to be the zone for work you will need to start with the desk, this is the place where the majority of the work is likely to happen. Choose wisely and consider the things you would find most useful while working there.

Do you want drawers? Or is the look most important? Also, make sure there is enough room on the top to allow you to achieve the most. Some people need a big space to spread out, while others require something a little more space-effective.

desk and office chair


The Chair

Once the desk has been selected, the next thing to decide is the chair. This is probably more important than the desk. Because a bad chair which offers poor support could cause problems with your back in future.

Try out the chair by sitting on it before you make your purchase, test out how it reclines and whether the experience is a comfortable one. It’s actually pretty fun choosing office chairs because you can wheel around and have lark while testing it out. Be careful not to fall over though!

desk and office chair


The Finishing Touches

Now that the desk and chair have been decided on, there are the small details which are chosen to complete the environment to make it an ideal study space. This is another fun part of the process as you get to choose the stationery and desk accessories to make life easier once the work starts.

Think about getting some sort of desk tidy or other storage options, for when you need to pack things up. Of course, in many cases, these types of things don’t end up helping the desk remain tidy after a few months. But to quote Albert Einstein, “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”

albert einstein


Emphasise Comfort

When setting up your study zone you want to ensure that the surroundings are comfortable for you to achieve the maximum while working there. You can scatter around a few cushions around to make things a little bit nicer. These can also be used to create a little area for chilling when you’re in need of a break.

Look to get some natural light in too, humans love bright spaces, so try to encourage the sun to beam through the space. For anyone who’s had to work under unnatural light for 8 hours a day will know the vitality that sunlight can bring to a room. Even if you use a mirror to reflect the light into the room, it will help brighten the mood.

Office Space

The place you choose to study can be as important as the topic that you are studying. When creating a study space, look to follow this advice for creating a bright and pleasant room where you can get the most from your hours of work and concentration.