How to create your child's dream bedroom

A few weeks ago we asked some of our favourite parenting and interior bloggers to take George’s range of children’s furniture and home accessories, and then design the ultimate kids bedroom. Of course everyone’s submissions included a bit of help from their little ones too – they were the main source of inspiration after all!

From all the entries we received, we chose blogger Hollybobb and her son Jack’s Star Wars-themed bedroom as the winner, with its Stormtrooper bedding and Darth Vader graphics. Well done, guys!

If you’re inspired to redecorate your kids’ bedrooms this season, it’s never been easier with our fantastic range of furniture, bedding, accessories and curtains. If re-painting and buying new furniture isn’t an option, there are simpler, and much more affordable, ways to spruce their sleeping space. Whether your little rascal is a big fan of butterflies, bunny rabbits or spaceships and stars, we’ve got plenty of bedroom ideas to keep them sweet.

For the princess…

If they love everything pink, pretty and full of sparkle, decking out their dream room to suit is very easy. Bright basics, such as bubblegum-hued bedding or flamingo-coloured curtains, are the perfect basis for strings of glittering fairy lights, as well as wall stickers (easier and cheaper than wall paper), bunting, paper pom poms and themed rugs, like the striking three-tone heart one above.

For the space obsessive…

Though they’d love a bedroom that looked like the control room of the Death Star, creating an all-black intergalactic dungeon won’t always be in the budget. Instead, stick to block colours on the walls, like dark blue or a moon-like grey (but only as feature walls if the room lacks natural light) and then inject colour with red rocket wall stickers, a printed space duvet cover and our oh-so cute spacedog cushions for sleeping quarters that are out of this world.

For the animal lover…


A bedroom filled with muted tones (cream, pale yellow, pastel pink etc.) and a fortress of plush toys, bunny-shaped cushions and fleecy throws is ideal for the littlest of little ones. Warming and relaxing, let the kids throw tea parties for all of their animal friends in safe, soft surroundings. Pile up cosy blankets on the bed, lay fluffy rugs on the floor and let their very favourite teddy bear be the focal point of the room.

For footy fanatics…


If your child is football crazy, football mad, then never has it been easier to find the ideal accessories for their bedroom. Paint the walls the colour of their favourite team’s strip (or a paler shade if the room lacks light) and fill nooks, crannies and corners with football printed boxes, bunting, books and footy-themed stickers. On the bedside table place our brilliant football boot-shaped lamp and, for when nights get chillier, throw our bright green pitch blanket over the bed. Score!