How To Dress Your Teenager

The teenage years can be tricky when it comes to clothes, especially for fashion-conscious girls who are trying to dress for a changing figure. Parents can find it a challenge too – your daughter doesn’t want to dress like a little girl anymore, but you don’t want her to grow up too quickly. Luckily, there is an easy compromise to be found, with many of the fashions at George looking fab on even the fussiest teens.

Whether you want to earn some serious parent points, or are going for the title of best auntie or grandma, treating your teen to any of these outfits will keep everyone happy.

Sequins and Sparkle

Sequin dresses are big news this party season, and a sequin dress is perfect partywear for outgoing teens. Depending on the size of your child, she may be able to shop in the adult section, which means much more choice and grown-up styles. A sparkly shift suits all ages and will look great on your not-so-little-anymore shining star.

teenager 1

teenager 2

Fairisle Style

A cute, colourful fairisle jumper will get your teen looking Christmassy without subjecting her to oversized Santas or snowmen. The navy Fairisle Christmas Jumper is especially festive, with its sweet candy canes and Christmas trees, and wearing a simple shirt underneath will create a young, preppy vibe. Let your teen add some cool to her Christmas look with ripped jeans, then top it all off with a fun bobble hat.

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School Smart

Who says black pinafores have to be just for school? Your teen can rock the preppy princess look with a pinafore or simple black shift worn over a white shirt. The Shift Suedette Dress at George makes use of the fabric of the moment, taking your teen to the top of the class when it comes to fashion. Just add boots and they’ve got a great outfit for meals out with the family or friends – and even grandma will approve of this one!

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Check Mate

Check and tartan skirts are everywhere this winter, and are great for girly girls who don’t want to live in jeans through the cold months – and the mini skirt trend means they’ll be just the right length for smaller legs. Treat your teen to a brushed check skirt to wear with tights and a soft, snugly roll neck sweater, and she’ll love you forever – or until the next argument at least! A cross-body bag, flat shoes and floppy hat keep this look young and fresh.

teenager 7

teenager 8

Cosy Coats

Teenagers can seem to have an aversion to wearing coats, so make it too tempting to resist by letting them choose something that’s both cosy and cool. A quilted parka in a snowy shade with faux fur trim will look wonderfully wintery. If however, you don’t fancy their chances at keeping a pale colour clean, classic khaki will last for years. The Short Parka Coat with hip faux-leather sleeves is impossible for any teen to object to wearing and the short style means it should fit perfectly, even if they haven’t had that last growth spurt yet!

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Dodge the teen tantrums and take them shopping at George – for grown-up styles that are just right for not quite grown-up girls.