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Your bathroom is one of the most practical rooms in your home. After all, it’s the first room you stumble into in the morning and the last room you visit at night. Nonetheless a bathroom deserves the same TLC that you treat yourself to and can speak volumes about your own sense of style. If you’re looking for a quick way to update your bathroom, without starting from scratch, some gorgeous new accessories will always be an easy and inexpensive way to go. You’ll be surprised how a few small touches can turn a quiet corner into a stylish and functional spot. All you need is the right décor plus a few handy tips.

Our new collection has been beautifully designed in a variety of colours and styles to suit every bathroom personality no matter how big or small, transforming any space into a stylish place of modern comfort and relaxation.


“Match classic grey hues with a hint of marble for a chic, contemporary finish.”

Make room on your shelf for our marble soap dispensers at George.com

Refresh your bathroom essentials with our marble range at George.com

Natural Marble Toilet Brush

Create a beautiful bathroom with our marble accessories at George.com

Marble Effect Soap Dispenser – Blue


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Natural Marble Tumbler

With instant opulence and lasting appeal, marble will give your daily routine a sumptuous, spa-like feel. Cream marble accessories feel indulgent and should be your go-to set in a neutral setting whereas a splash of blue will add vibrancy and life, instantly lifting the feel of your room. From soap dispensers to tumblers, we have a wide range available to complement any décor.


Indulge in some new bathroom essentials at George.com

Add a touch of luxury with copper soap dispensers, tumblers and more at George.com

Copper Metal Mirror

Bring a copper glow into your home with our accessories at George.com

Copper Effect Bin


Warm up your bathroom with our copper range at George.com

Copper Bath Accessories Range
From £3

Sleek metallic accent pieces can make a big statement. Whether you want to bask in the glow of rich coppers or add a gold shine to an otherwise, minimal setting, our selection of accessories will change how your room looks and feels and requires little to no effort. For a more dramatic look, place a few copper accessories together, from plant pots to dressing essentials and offset with a printed collection of soft furnishings to really make the warm, metallic tones shine.


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a touch of

A simple, natural palette is often popular in bathrooms as it oozes sophistication but with a few tips, colour can be injected into your bathroom too and will look just as clean and well put together. When adding colour to your bathroom, it’s important that you pick your palette and stick to it, a tonal colour palette works well, especially if you want to achieve a coordinated finish. Need an instant refresh? Vivid citrus shades are a statement selection if you’re still dreaming of your holidays, and will add a tropical burst of colour to any tired-looking bathroom space. Building up texture is simple, just mix and match a variety of prints and patterns, for a bright and eye-catching final look.


Add a pop of colour with our stylish bathroom accessories at George.com

Blue Metal Mirror

Finish off the look of your bathroom with some soft furnishings at George.com

Tassle Hand Towel

Transform your bathroom with our chic accessories at George.com

Paradise Blue Pedal Bin