Jumper Dress S.O.S

This season, jumper dresses have become a girl’s best friend. Its cosy, fits your body like a glove and it’s a great trans-seasonal item that can be worn in many different ways.

Whether you wear yours to the office, for lunch or just to lounge around in, this 2 in 1 knitwear and dress is this year’s most desired item that’s guaranteed to make the top pile in your wardrobe. No matter what your shape and size, jumper dresses suits just about everyone.

Here are five reasons why jumper dresses for women are this year’s winter essentials.

 Jumper Dress

Easy to Wear

If you’re not a morning person and tend to snooze your alarm to catch the last bit of sleep, then slipping on a plain sweater dress is easy and offers extra comfort for that snuggly bed feel.Jumper dress 2

Wear it with a smart blazer, black tights, flat shoes or with ankle boots to complete the look for those Monday mornings.

Black boots

Freelance Journalist and blogger Alya Mooro says, “There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning late for work and attempting to find at least four different items of clothing that match and come together to form a nice outfit. Having the option to just pull down an easy, stylish jumper dress over your head is a serious life and time saver.”

Stay Warm

A knitted jumper dress doesn’t have to be a hard clothing to style as it offers a lot of room for creativity. If you’re wearing yours in the office, choose a looser fit jumper dress and smart it up with a collared shirt underneath.

Jumper Dress 3

To go for a full on winter look, wear a chunky knee length jumper dress and layer it up with a shaggy faux fur gilet and accessories. This is a great alternative to wearing a heavy overcoat, as you still get to embrace the cold and look stylish as ever.


Alya Mooro loves the comfort that comes with the cold. “Despite just how much we seem to like to complain about the cold, there is definitely something to be said for snuggling up in cosy clothes. The jumper dress is the perfect way in which to do this.”


For Different Occasions

Jumper Dress 4

You can simply transform your outfit from a shopping day look to an evening night out. It’s easy, effortless and a great tip you can share with your friends. A thick belt will cinch in the waist and will instantly accentuate your curves. Pair it up with over the knee high boots or heels and a statement neck jewelry to complete your outfit.

Black Boots 2

Ayla Mooro tells us how you can dress up your jumper dress. “It’s so easy to accessorise a jumper dress up or down with a pair of trainers, boots or heels and switching up the accessories. When you don’t need to think about the actual items of clothing, it leaves a lot more room for creativity elsewhere.”


Space Savers

Create more space in your wardrobe when you buy jumper dresses. Fold it away at the bottom of your cupboard and save it for a rainy day. If you’re hanging them, you can layer it up by adding an extra clothing like a cardigan or a jacket to make the most of the space in your wardrobe.


Alya Mooro likes to rotate it with her basic essentials to create more space. “Because the jumper dress is so versatile and can be paired in a seemingly never-ending number of ways, you’ve essentially got tons of outfits out of just the one item.”


Timeless Fashion

Just like your winter jumper, the extra length still makes it a timeless fashion piece that offers day-to-night versatility and comfort. It’s the type of garment that can be rotated for different occasions by including simple addition like accessories, layers and changing up your footwear.


“From wearing your jumper dress over tights to over trousers and with any multitude of different pairs of shoes, it’s a seriously timeless piece that just keeps giving,” says Alya Mooro.


With the summer in full swing, that doesn’t mean you can’t start shopping for your winter wear at Asda. George offers a full range of quality jumper dresses that’s fashionable and at affordable prices compared to high street retailers.

Alya can be found on her website Moorizzla as well as Twitter and Instagram.