Keep Your Baby Warm for Days Out

It’s tempting to stay indoors with the little ones when it gets cold, but it shouldn’t mean you should stop the outdoor activities. It’s very natural for you to worry whether it’s safe to go outside as you will face challenges everyday caring for your sweetie.

Babies need to have a consistent body temperature, which is about the same as your normal body heat. With the little extra help of wrapping them up in clothing and baby coats, there are many ways for you to stay fit and enjoy the fresh air together.

Walks in the Park

Baby in Leaves

Brighten up your day with frequent walks in the park. This encourages babies to reach out and see new things that will enhance their mood and brain
power. Jo, from Slummy Single Mummy, tells us how she likes to spend her time in the park with her kids.

A walk in the woods is always a lovely thing to do. Take your time, and talk to your little one about everything you see – the different plants, trees and leaves, colours and shapes.

My kids always loved picking things up to take home, so collect a bag full of different leaves, and turn your collection into a craft activity by sticking the leaves into a colourful collage, or painting them and making leaf prints.”

If you do venture out, keep your little bundle warm in layers. A hat is a must and protect your little munchkin’s fingers and toes by dressing them in quilted baby coats from George.


Boat Trips Down a Canal  



It’s important you safely board a boat when you are with your baby. Once you are on board, you can relax, enjoy the fresh air and the views, whilst your baby enjoys the gentle rocking of the boat.

Jo adds, “We’ve done our fair share of boat trips, and apart from the fretting about one or other of the children hurling themselves over the side, its great fun! The movement, noise and smell of the water is fascinating for everyone.”

When you’re out for the day, keep your little one snug as a bug with baby boy coats. You can find adorable styles with faux fur trims and clip on mittens that shows your little soldier is ready to tackle the cold.

Remember to protect their head with a woolly hat that covers their ears. For more styles, here is a selection of baby girl coats also at George, so you can dress your little ones for more adventurous days out.

Baby Coat 2

Enjoying the Wildlife



Taking your babies to the farm to watch wildlife is a great experience. The scenery, colours, and sounds are exciting and will stimulate their senses.

Jo says, “A trip to the farm is always a winner – kids love the animals, but it’s a valuable lesson too in where food comes from, which is so important for small children.”

 As always, when you are heading outside, make sure you check the weather so that you’re prepared for sudden weather changes. You can find hooded baby boy coats or baby girl coats at George that will look extra cute. They are easy to layer your little tot and provide a great buffer against the cold.

Now that you have some great ideas, don’t be afraid to get out in the cold and enjoy your time with your little ones. Remember to keep them wrapped up in winter essentials you can find at George for quality baby outfits at affordable prices.


Girls Baby Coat

Jo Middleton is a family, travel and lifestyle blogger based in Somerset. You can read more about her and pick up some helpful news and tips over on her site Slummy Single Mummy or on her Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.