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Keep Safe and Snug This Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night is definitely one of our favourite nights of the year. As far as most children are concerned, the bigger the bangs and the bonfire, the better! But while no-one wants to pour cold water on the fun, a parent knows that keeping the kids safe and snug is a big part of having a brilliant family Bonfire Night.

Three kids keeping warm under blanket outside

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Here are my top tips:

Age Appropriate

The key to having the best Bonfire Night as a family is to tailor your plans to suit your children’s ages. If you’ve got a baby or very young children, don’t be scared to skip a year and just watch the pretty lights and colours with them from a window (with hot dog in hand, obviously). If you’ve got older kids and teens it’s likely that they’ll love the excitement of the organised displays, with the biggest bangs and bonfires. For families with a mix of ages, a party at home can be the perfect compromise; baby can go to bed while bigger kids stay up late to enjoy sparklers and treats. It’s also the perfect excuse to treat yourself to some cosy new home interiors to give your home a warm, wintry feel!

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Banish the Buggy

A pushchair is great for keeping your little one safe and close, but if you’re going to a display on a grassy area then buggies and bonfires just don’t mix. Let your toddler, well, toddle, but be prepared to carry them if they get tired or the crowds get too much. They’ll have a better view from mum or dad’s shoulders anyway – just don’t wear your best coat as you’re guaranteed to get caught by muddy wellies! The big kids will probably want their turn too…

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Layer Up

If the bonfire and fireworks are on then it’s likely to be a dry night, so forget the thin waterproofs and just worry about keeping warm in snug winter outfits. There are cosy coats for all ages at George. For hard to please teenagers, why not try the padded lined peacoat, which is suitably smart and grown-up, or the clever padded coats with matching mittens for younger members of the family – especially as the mittens clip to the cuffs so they’ll take longer than two seconds to lose them! There are also gorgeous faux fur and faux fur trim coats for little girls that are right on-trend.

Kids in winter jackets outside

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Wear Wellies

While it might not be raining, you’ll probably still find it muddy underfoot, especially at large organised displays in fields or parks where hundreds of people are churning up the soft surface. Wellies are an absolute must unless you all want to come home with ruined shoes and soggy feet. There are wonderful wellies for everyone at George – I especially like the classic navy and white stripe calf boots at a fraction of the price of named brand boots. Or if you’re trying to appeal to your children’s inner superhero why not try some more novelty willies, like The Avengers, Spider-Man or an all time favourite with little girls – Frozen.

Row of colourful wellies on grass

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Hats On!

Lots of heat is lost through the head, so a warm hat is a must. Go for bright colours and distinctive designs to make it easier to spot your child if they decide to go for a wander. This trapper hat is adorable for little monsters. Or if you’re staying home, this matching hat, gloves and scarf set will keep your (not so) little girl warm and stylish at the same time.

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Fantastic Food

The food is one of my favourite parts of Bonfire Night, but if you’re going to a big event with your family you can expect to pay (and queue) a lot, for what might end up being a disappointing dinner. We much prefer to do food at home. Our favourite munchies include hot dogs and for pudding, chocolate apples – they’re easier to eat and less sticky than toffee and are a real hit with the kids. The grown ups prefer proper Yorkshire parkin and bonfire toffee lollies in silver foils!

Bonfire Night feast

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But if you’ve got lots of picky eaters, then keep things simple with some mini hotdogs and sweets. Hot dogs are a given, but there’s nothing better than marshmallows on a stick with hot chocolate – yummy!

Boy eating sweets from jar

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These thermal Mason jars are perfect to keep away the spills and keep them warm without burning any fingers!

Kids watch fireworks and eat sweets

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A Mini Bonfire

Not many of us can have a bonfire at home, but a fire pit can be an easy alternative. Perfect for adding warmth and atmosphere – but without the scorched grass that will never recover! A fire pit is also a lot safer with children around; although you should still always make sure that it’s supervised. Why not stick marshmallows on wooden skewers (topped off with a chocolate is even better) or some toast? Just make sure the kids (and adults!) let the treat cool before eating.

Marshmallows for roasting and chocolate sauce

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Stick to Sparklers

If you’re not going to an organised event, the safety concerns around fireworks – especially when you throw young children into the mix – can take away the fun factor. Make the evening easier by sticking to sparklers and a few smaller fireworks (or watching other people’s fireworks go up from your garden or window); the kids will be just as happy and you can mix it up with a selection of colours and sizes.

Kids play with sparklers on Bonfire Night

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Make sure they know to wear gloves, and have a bucket of sand or cold water on hand for the used sticks. If you do really want to do a home display, a large garden to keep kids at a safe distance is a must. Or let them watch from inside instead.

Kids watch fireworks

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Create a Cosy Mood

Cushions, blankets and candles can all create a cosy mood for at home dos – both out in the garden and after the fun when you’re warming up indoors. Fairy lights are a good alternative to candles when kids are around. I love the heart and star lights at George Home for adding a cosy glow to living rooms. When it comes to garden lighting ideas, dot Moroccan lanterns around to keep candles away from curious little fingers, or string up some simple lights that can be reused at Christmas time too. In fact, it’s hardly worth taking them down!

Children in garden on Bonfire Night

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As far as throws go, you’ll find the perfect one to suit your home décor at George. I love the faux fur throws for wintertime but the new letter throws will add a trendy touch.

Whatever you decide to do this Bonfire Night, keep the kids safe and snug for a fun family night that’s memorable for all the right reasons. And don’t forget the mushy peas and parkin!