Keeping The Kids Entertained

Facing the holidays with children can be somewhat daunting. Whether you are keeping them happily entertained at home for weeks or are travelling somewhere further afield, it can be hard to keep them occupied, out of trouble and most of all; happy. 

Generally my advice would be to keep it simple and small and you can’t go far wrong. Most children will happily play for an extended time with any toy that is new to them; there is just something about the novelty of a new item that seems to hold their attention, and that’s definitely worth taking advantage of if your facing spending part of your holiday time traveling with children. The other great thing about well-selected travel toys is that your child can continue to play with them once at the destination too.

Small character toys can be good for little imaginative games on an airplane tray table, specific travel-sized games like Guess Who might help to pass the time too. I always feel that “open-ended” play is best for keeping kids entertained, so consider picking new toys for travel that can be played with in lots of different ways. Bananagrams can be played differently depending on age and abilities, and they come in a handy little travel pouch. Playdough is something that can be played with in a hundred different ways, and a small pot of it in a travel bag offers some fun tactile play for young children.


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If you aren’t lucky enough to be travelling in the holidays and are going to be at home with your children then a lot of the same tips can apply. Something new and open-ended will spark interest and keep the children playing for a while. But one of my biggest tips for keeping kids entertained during the holidays would be: get outside!

Practically anything you could do inside, you can also do outside, but going outside will make it seem new and fun. Colouring books can be done outside, snacks and lunch can be eaten outside.  Even the simplest of garden games can keep children happily playing for hours, plus they’ll be getting lots of fresh air and exercise.


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Staying at home doesn’t mean you can’t get a flavour of going further afield. All children love a bit of sand and water play, so if you can’t get to the beach, bring it to you. George’s range of sand and water tables offers really versatile play opportunities, and as well as being a normal picnic bench, it has a tray built into it to also provide countless hours of seaside fun for your little one.  

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The key to keeping kids happily entertained during the holidays is to be prepared. Whether that be with careful travel packing, some choice new toys, or simply planning fun into the day; a little planning can make school holidays more fun for everyone.

Lucy Roberts

Lucy is a family lifestyle blogger and vlogger at She is a mummy of three young children, lover of sunshine and can generally be found with a camera in her hand.